Monday, November 29, 2010

Collecting Christmas

I will admit, when it comes to decorating for Christmas, I am a bit of a crazed decorator an over achiever.

Yes, I have 21 bins of holiday decorations... but only 19 of them are full of Christmas decorations.  Two of them are for all of the other holidays.  And one of them is just the actual tree ornaments... so it doesn't count, right?  I mean really, that's not over doing it is it?  I have different themes and colors for every room, including the bathroom, but that's not over doing it, right?

Some decorations don't come out every year but I hang onto most everything for a future Christmas.  Of course some of them are the ones you never get rid of. The ones handed down through your family or of course, the macaroni wreaths, the cut-outs of preschooler's hands made into reindeer antler's, the salt dough tree shaped ornament, something made of felt and clothespins... the really special ones. Those you keep forever.

I spent the Friday after Thanksgiving, hauling box after box of decorations up from the basement.  I managed to get most of my decorations up to my satisfaction.  I still haven't actually decorated either of my trees.  At this point, I'm happy just to have the lights glittering and reflecting in the windows.

Slowly, throughout this week I'll get the trees decorated and the last little touches done here and there.... then, I'll share.  Room by room if you'd like.

And I'll really be able to sit back and enjoy the sights and sounds of the season.

Let the count down begin,
Chris at Red Gate Farm


  1. Absolutely not overdoing!! I am right there with you. My husband swears I have a President’s Day tub in the basement :) LOL I’m telling you, we grew up together and just don’t remember it. Can’t wait for a room by room tour :)

  2. I'm right there with you too! I just started decorating today. There are Christmas bins everywhere! It's a bit of a disaster at the moment, but it will all be worth it in the end!

  3. I am looking forward to your 'room by room'. We have collected vintage ornaments for years and I love each and every one of them.

    I like your see through bins and think I may need to change over..sure would take some of the guess work out.

  4. lol when my husband complains about moving all those holiday tubs of mine from wisconsin, I now I have a blog to show him that Im not

    Love your trees!

  5. I was in awe when I saw the picture of all your totes, neatly lined up in a row, in your basement! Isn't it amazing how much Christmas decor we accumulate over the years? I'm like you, not everything is used every year but I cannot part with any of it! I'm scaling back this year and it might be because we're not hosting Christmas dinner here but going to my brother's house. You've shown some very pretty tinsel trees ... I suspect you own allot of vintagy type decor. Please do give us the entire tour, room by room! I love looking at how others deorate for the holidays. BTW ... love the story of your diningroom mirror ... that is a great surprise! I guess we can both be thankful for some pretty special hubbys. Happy Tuesday!

  6. Overdoing? nooooo.... :) I love those mushrooms by the way!

  7. That is crazyness! Reminds me of my parent's house. I always decorated for them until I got married and all the neighbors would come over to see the decorations that an 8th grader did. haha. And several of them had me decorate for them. Anyway I got burned out on their house so now I don't do too much to ours. But I am loving your Santa mug tree!!

  8. I thought I had a lot of Christmas bins! And like you, they aren't all for Christmas, one or two for the rest of the holidays! My mom calls our house the Christmas house. I'm just waiting for the day she hands me all of her decorations, they hold so many memories from when I was a kid AND they're vintage! : )

    I'm looking forward to seeing your decorations room by room!


  9. Oh girl! I might be able to give you a run for your 21 bin money! Mine aren't down yet, but they're coming down tonight. Loved that we got to visit family out of state for Thanksgiving, but now I'm way behind on the Christmas decorating! Really looking forward to seeing what comes out of those 21 bins. I bet that kitchen will sure look cute!

  10. Ummm, I have the same problem. Boxes and boxes of Christams decorations. I pushing 8 boxes and I'm sure I'll be adding a few more this year.

    Can't wait to see all your holiday decor!

  11. Hi Chris

    I have just recently found your blog from the Modern Country Style Kitchen Party. I love having a good read though and really like your blog. It's great to see how people in other countries live. I love your farm and could just see my family in somewhere like that, but in England I'd need millions of pounds (maybe 2m!!) and that is completely out of my reach :-( Anyway, I'm really enjoying reading about yours.

    Can I just say, OH MY GOD, how many boxes of Christmas decorations do you have!!!! I know Americans really 'go for it' at Christmas but I didn't know it was so big, or is that just you :-) hehehe

    How long does it take you decorate the house?

    Love Marge x


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