Friday, June 24, 2011

Friday: treasure hunting.........

Summer officially started this week... what does summer mean?  Long days, warm days, fresh veggies, the 4th of July, camping, vacation, beach days, picnics, birthdays, weddings and of course... my favorite... treasure hunting.  You can treasure hunt at garage sales, on Craig's list, flea markets, antique stores and of course, junk stores.

We started our day off here.  I'll have my usual grande non-fat latte please.

Then it was off to a small farming town in our county called Sumas.  Located right on the Canadian border.  We were looking at barn windows my husband found on Craig's list.  He picked up quite a few to replace ones that are in poor shape on our barn.  These four pane windows don't come up often...  and this barn of ours has a lot of windows!

Then it was time for a greasy burger lunch in Bellingham at Win's Drive-In... need I say more? 

After lunch, we were heading down to Skagit County.  We decided to take the scenic, Chuckanut Drive, route.  A winding, narrow road along the water, the salt water that is.

But it's worth the ride.  Much nicer than the interstate would have been... especially on a pretty sunny day.  I must say, we do live in a beautiful part of the country!

Our destination?  Well this little junk store we'd heard about, Bonnar's Trading Post.  It was packed full of things from pennies to thousand of dollars.  What a fun place to hunt for anything.

I came home with this.... can you guess what it is?

An old jar lifter for canning.... I think perhaps it is homemade.  I seem to have inadvertently started a vintage canning items collection... old jars, another old jar lifter that was my great-grandmothers, an old apple corer... but you can never collect too much, right?

All my treasures were $6.40 including tax.  I also got a vintage tinsel tree and an old Avon milk glass perfume bottle that I plan to use as a vase.

It looks right at home with my other milk glass that I love to collect.  I'm filling up this cabinet in my kitchen quite rapidly!

Looking forward to many more summer treasure hunts,

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  1. I have a collection of a dozen or so milk glass pieces too. I guessed right, without scrolling down too, a jar lifter. Wishing you a wonderful weekend.

  2. This looks like a perfect day to me...

  3. What a wonderful ride and the treasure shopping sounds delightful :)


  4. You live in such a beautiful place! And speaking of beautiful, I *love* your barn :) Wonderful treasures too. You did great! I have a similar jar lifter that belonged to my late & dear mother-in-law. although yours has more character because it does indeed look handcrafted.. how cool is that?! -Tammy

  5. I'm new to blogging and just found yours. I love your banner. I traveled to Tacoma for many summers when I was a teenager to visit my brother. Always went to Mt. Ranier and the Pacific. I dream of the day I can see it all again! I'll be back again to feast on the lovely pictures.

  6. Hi Chris! You really do live in a beautiful part of the country...makes me miss British Columbia when I see that picture. I know Sumas...I think I was there as a child. Been to Bellingham and Everett back in the 50's...ouch I feel old. I love that jar lifter...what a neat find and the milk glass too. I know I'd have a blast in that store with all the old's right up my alley! I LOVE your barn...what a beauty. I'm going to have to check your archives to see if you have more pictures of the building! I hope you and hubby have a wonderful weekend...take care.
    Maura :)

  7. Sounds like a fantastic day! And you are so right, there is no place more beautiful than the PNW when summer's stunning. I must come up that way and do some treasure hunting, great finds! Enjoy the weekend.

  8. That was a good day for both of you!
    I'm adding that junk shop to my list for the next time we're down that way, in August.

  9. Oooo! You've got some milkglass pieces I haven't seen before. And yes! You do live in a gorgeous part of the country! I'm trying not to be jealous here again. That junk shop looked like a lot of fun - definitely a treasure huntin' kind of place.

  10. No way did I think it was a canning jar lifter . . . as I looked at it I thought it was some laundry contraption to dry men's pants.
    I guess it was the picture angle or ? and then I scrolled to the next pic . . .

    What fun . . .

    I like your milk glass collection . . . and totally enjoy visiting you and Red Gate Farm . . .

  11. I enjoy the scenic route too! Love the mountain views... reminds me of ours here in the Blue Ridge Mountains, but without the water.


  12. What a great way to spend the day. I like your milk glass collection.


  13. Lovely! I'm going garage saleing later today - I hope I find a treasure or two! I love your barn. Isnt the Skagit Valley a beautiful place?

    I love Bellingham as well - lots of fun shops!

  14. One of the lovely things about hosting a link party is that it brings me to blogs that I might never have otherwise discovered - like yours!! It's lovely!! I've had a great look around and have signed up to follow you.

    I really love all your finds. Vintage kitchenware has such a special charm, doesn't it?

    Thank you so much for coming to my Kitchen Favourites party.


  15. What a lovely part of the world, but how on earth do you pronounce Skaglt? Love the vintage collections.
    (visiting via Modern Country Style's blog party)

  16. Hi Chris, Yes, your countryside is absolutely gorgeous! We also love taking the local routes for the scenery and the flavor of the countryside. I could have lots of fun in that junk store! I am wondering what you keep in your barn? I will have to go back through your blog to see if I can find out--sounds like I will be having some fun! Linda

  17. Hi Chris, Sounds like the perfect day! I love hunting for treasures and with a mocha in hand :).
    Regarding our cottage garden, it takes a long time.
    We have been working on ours for 18 years. We are enjoying it and still have a few more things we'd like to add.
    Thanks for your sweet comment.
    ~ Julie

  18. I'm gonna have to get out to Win's for a burger soon! My mom had an old jar lifter like that and I speak from experience, it's better to lift the jars out with a wire thingamajig than to use potholders...they get all wet and you can get burned! Your collection of milk glass is beautiful!

  19. That trading post looks like the perfect place to shop! You found some fun things. :)

  20. I am popping over from Sarah's Kitchen Favourites party to see your kitchen. I love canning, even though it has been ages since I did it. Cool tool.

    You can see my kitchen in my Chicago Vintage apartment. Can you stay for tea?

    Glenda (link # 62)

  21. You do live in a beautiful area Chris, your photos are stunning! I am so glad that you had a great weekend and I love your finds, the milk glass vase is so pretty and how cool is the jar lift!
    Enjoy your day!

  22. What a fabulous treasure hunting adventure Loved all the treasures too
    Thanks for linking for Treasure Chest Friday
    I am grateful


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