Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Happiness is....

The first day of summer.... Yep, this is from my area.

When my kids were small we used to spend hours at the local beaches.  One of our favorites, Birch Bay, is only minutes from Red Gate Farm.  We'd go at low tide.... when the sand stretched far, far out.  With two young kids it was nice to not worry about the water being too close... or too deep.  They'd play in the sand and the tide pools.  We'd pack a lunch and spend the day.

As they got older we didn't do the day trips much. But we did head to the beaches, looking for beach glass or drift wood... I still have quite a collection.  And at the end of the day, we'd stop in at an old store called the C Shop for snow cones.  Fun and cool on a hot, summer day.

Looking forward to a long, hot summer...

Full of family and new memories.


  1. Oh dear! I do not think this is right or fair at all! You have your gorgeous farm and you're only minutes from the beach? Waaaaaaaah! (I am now going to go pout and try very very very hard to not be jealous!)

    Have a marvelous summer!

  2. My.. I must say.. I wish I was there...
    What beautiful photos!!

  3. I agree with Sweet Bee Cottage...Being a desert girl I have never spent much time around water but this looks SO nice right now..

  4. Looking at these pics..I think there is no other color like blue! :D

  5. A beautiful farm and lovely beach just minutes away - that is happiness! And by the way, I have a little something for you! Yes, you are a winner again - lucky girl!

  6. beautiful!!!!!!!!

    mountain mama

  7. What a gorgeous beach and gorgeous photos Chris!! I love spending the day looking for treasures with the kids, hopefully we can do that soon once this rain stops. :)


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