Thursday, June 16, 2011

Fuchsias and hydrangeas and peonies....... Oh, my!

This fuchsia is a fun one.  It's called "Pink Marshmallow".... don't the actual flowers look like little princess dresses?  Like Cinderella at the ball?

I certainly couldn't resist a photo since it was looking especially pretty with the sun glowing through it.... and the barn peeking in the background.

The first bloom on one of my hydrangeas.  This is "Endless Summer", one of the ever blooming kind.  Doesn't an Endless Summer sound like fun right now?  At least for some of us in the more northern latitudes.

And I'm still loving this Blackberry Lemonade calibrochia.  It's looking so bright and pretty that I couldn't leave it out of the line up!

But the star of the show this week is this peony.  It's blooming like it's never bloomed before.  Maybe season 7 is a lucky one!  Or maybe it was our cool and rainy spring.... most of my perennials really seem to be thriving this year.

This one is called "Maxima Festiva" and I think it lives up to it's name.  The blooms are huge and looking fabulous... perhaps even festive!   I love the little touch of pinkish red in the middle of an otherwise pure white blossom.  This year I even have enough blooms to cut some and bring them inside.

The sun has been shining (mostly) on us this week.  Hopefully it can hold on until the weekend,

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  1. The sunlight on your fuchsia is so striking! Looks like you have a lovely homestead.

  2. Lovely flowers. No, endless summer doesn't sound to good to me. It is just June and we are already in a drought and the temps for the last three weeks have been 99 or 100 every day. And don't even think about the heat index!!!LOL!

  3. After our long dose of rain and gloom I am appreciating the flowers more than ever this year and yours are beautiful. Thanks for sharing with us.

  4. Hi Chris, love your farm and gardens... that peony is just stunning!... xoxo Julie Marie

  5. Ooohs and aaaahs go up from the crowd! Seriously... what a fabulous series of photos you have today.


  6. I am currently killing a fuschia. They just can't seem to live here! Yours really DO look like princess dresses! LOVE LOVE LOVE peonies. I wonder which you say: "pee-oh-knee" OR "pie-knee"?

  7. I think you really have summer there! Your flowers look gorgeous. I think I have that peony. I've never seen a fuchsia close up before. (I know, I live a very sheltered life) They're beautiful! They do look like little dresses. :)

  8. Very nice blooms and awesome shots! I'm jealous of all your pretty bloomers. It's gray and rainy here in SoCal right now.

  9. What lovely pictures! I adore those fluffy pink fuchsias... just bought a similar one and was charmed to see the hummingbirds discover it. Visiting you from Cottage Flora...

  10. Fantastic photos ! Have a great day !

  11. Hi Chris,

    I have yet to add peonies to this new garden...but I have always had them at our previous homes. I love this time of year when they flower in all of their glorious abundance!!
    I'm a new follower.

    All the Best,

  12. I love the Fuschia! Wish I was able to grow them but, I have never had luck with them. I am a new follower. Stop by and say hi!

  13. You made a change here, I like it. I really love the flowers here, I just know I can smell them! Comme say hi :D

  14. The pionies are beautiful with the pink streak. They are on my to plant list. I planted calibrochia in our flower box last summer and it bloomed out again so I planted another color hopefully it will bloom next summer too.

  15. Oh, where to start?!
    The fuschia - beyond adorable.
    The hydrangea - gorgeous. That is the one plant I miss the very most. I can keep them alive here, but I'm lucky to get one sad looking bloom. Not worth the effort.
    Calibrochia - calibrochia hates me. I've tried it so many times and finally gave up this year. That may be the prettiest one I've ever seen.
    That peony? - I'm speechless.
    The PNW is definitely the place for gardening. It's all gorgeous, Chris!!!

  16. Lovely flower pics! I'm in Washington state too. Today I think I'll be able to pick some peonies; many are still just buds.
    Have a great weekend!
    ~ Julie

  17. Your flowers are amazing!!! Thank you for sharing pictures and names!!!! I better check on my endless summer!!!!
    Maybe you should have an open "garden" someday. Like an open house without having to clean first!!!
    I'd surly come!

  18. Stunning! Thanks for sharing these beautiful flowers with us. Summer has arrived.


  19. oh, your fuchia's are you have problems with slugs where you are at? Thanks for sharing over at Cottage Flora Thursday's Garden Party! xoox, tracie

  20. Oh how I love peonies...ours are all done seeing yours puts a big ol' smile on my face ;o)


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