Wednesday, June 8, 2011

June in the Pacific Northwest

Here in the Pacific Northwest we're known for our rain.  When you see a movie or television show that takes place in Seattle or Washington, it's always raining... and gray.  Believe it or not, it's not always raining.... it just seems that way at times! 

But now we've finally moved into some nice days.  Long days.  Which, with our cooler climate, we need if we want to actually grow anything.  If you live in the southern parts of the US you may be surprised to hear how long our days are at this time of year.

The delphiniums are happy with the sun and the longer days leading into summer.  I love this one for it's crazy colors.  That blue doesn't even look like it should be on something out of nature.

My viburnum or snowball tree is putting on a bit of a show.

This clematis, in front of the chicken coop, is finally filling out after four long years.  This season it is covered in huge, white flowers.

The veggie garden is finally waking up now that the sun and warmer temperatures have arrived.  It doesn't hurt that it gets FULL SUN from sun up to sun down.  Today that will be over 17 hours.

Multi colored carrots (think purple, yellow, white and of course orange), striped beets and purple bush beans are all making their way up and out of the soil.  My dogs are crazy for carrots so I plant lots and lots.  Cady, our yellow lab, will dig them up herself!

And after 2 1/2 months, these Wave petunias I started from seed, are finally starting to look like petunias.  I can't wait to get these planted into the flowerbeds.  Next year, I'll be starting these a little earlier.

And believe it or not, this is my front porch.  Taken last night at 8:40 pm.  It's still daylight!  Of course this means that come mid-December it will be dark by 4:00 pm. 

Growing up in Washington I was used to long summer days... when we moved to Phoenix I was so surprised how early it got dark in the summer (as well as how late it got dark in the winter!).

When our kids were young we had a drive-in movie place. In the summer the movies didn't start until around 10:00! Made for a late, late night!

And finally dusk arriving around 9:35.

So, the next time you picture Seattle... or Washington.  Don't just think about the rain or the gray.... think about the long, long sunny days and evenings we can enjoy in June.  And unlike a lot of places in the spring and summer, they're pretty bug free too!

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  1. Your posts always feel so relaxed and natural, like a breath of fresh air!

  2. Once summer arrives in our part of the world it is no-holds-barred fantastic! I think of it as a well-kept secret. Day after day of blue sky and sunshine.

  3. You're giving away some of our best kept secrets today! I suppose next you'll tell them to visit after July 4th and they'll find glorious weather until September! I can't imagine a summer without long warm days until late.

  4. Your weather and days sound much like ours. Hope you will be able to get a good garden going with a good harvest. :D

  5. I'm loving these days myself...rejuvination!!!! We work hard all summer, and get to relax during the winter!
    Your garden is coming along quite well! I just saw a hint of my carrots today, not nearly as far as yours. Corn's up about 4" and the potatoes are coming along nicely!! I'm so excited for lettuce...and peas...and pumpkins!!

  6. Personally, I'm sick of the "Sleepless in Seattle," "Grey's Anatomy," and "Twilight."

    And I can't be more stoked to be back to PNW weather! (80 and humid at 10 am is waaaay to much....:) ]

  7. You've painted a nice picture of Seattle. Such a large veggie garden and open spaces - country living has its advantages over a 50x110 foot lot.
    We're in a village subdivision in farm country - the best of both worlds I guess.

  8. I love your is the same colors as mine, but yours looks like it is a "real" farmhouse built many yrs ago in stead of a pretend one like ours.

    I would love to see WA...Seems like there are many things there that interest me.

    Blessings Kelsie

  9. What a great idea to start the Wave from seed, they are so spendy in the pots. - It is so nice to have the extra daylight, I was suprised when talking to my sister in Portland, not long ago, that she commented on it being dark and putting the chickens to bed. It was still very light here, I hadn't realized the big difference even in the distance of Anacortes and Portland. xo

  10. I never realized your days this time of the year were THAT long.... goodness. We lived in the Phoenix area for years and I always thought we had quite long days... guess I was wrong. LOL


  11. Wonderful post! Our days are even longer here in SE Alaska, your neighbors to the north!

    Come by and visit me at Home In Douglas!

  12. I'm hoping your good weather will come our way. We still haven't had two good days in a row.
    I love that delphinium blue!

  13. oh my - that iris color is just what i am looking for. any chance you are splitting yours this summer? if so, i'd love to have you mail me one (i'd pay of course!) or we could do an exchange - i could send you some of mine, you just have to let me know which ones you like! thanks for sharing at Fishtail Cottage garden party - your garden is gorgeous!!! xoox, tracie

  14. (the light yellow is what i'm referring to!) :)

  15. We're into long summer days here too. It makes it hard for the kids to fall asleep at night!

    The white clematis looks stunning with the coop as a backdrop. : )


  16. The way you paint a picture of the Pacific Northwest makes me homesick a bit...I spent a school year in Cannon Beach Oregon years ago, and fell in love with the area!

    And your clematis is beautiful...they are one of my favorite...just wish they bloomed all summer!

  17. My husband is from the Lynden/Everson area. I can just imagine that your beautiful home is nearby. I loved spending summer vacations at his families farm. It is so beautiful - and flowers.... oh my goodness. Here in the desert we bake all summer long. We have been thinking of taking a trip these past few weeks to a cooler place!


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