Thursday, June 30, 2011

Ready for July....

I have to say, July is my favorite month.  Typically our weather is more "good" than "bad".  We have a holiday.  Berries are in season.  And most important, it's my birthday.... so I take an entire week off of work to celebrate!

July also brings out some of the best in the gardens.  My hydrangeas are looking spectacular this year.

My pink shrub rose, Bonica, is starting to flower.

Look at all of these buds!  It will be putting on a show until October... can't ask for more than that I suppose.

Another shrub rose, a white one, is also covered in buds... and a few blooms.

My herb garden isn't going to disappoint.  I grow Italian parsley, sage, oregano and lots and lots of dill for pickles and dilly beans.  I've never been successful at growing cilantro in my herb garden.  Neither seed or starts.... but this year it seems to be popping up all by itself in my vegetable garden.  After all my failed attempts, who would have thought it would go crazy on it's own!

And here is a "true" geranium... also known as cranesbill.  This one is named Roxanne.

I finally got my zinnia starts out under the magnolia.  I planted two varieties of white.  They're the "profusion" variety and are a little more low growing and bushy than the regular type of zinnia.  Soon they'll fill this whole bed in.

And with the upcoming holiday weekend... how about a little fun?  Perhaps a game of croquet on the lawn?  We'll try out the vintage set we picked up last winter for $10 at our local salvage store.

The lawn is looking pretty good this year with all of our wet, cool weather.....

And that new monster mower doesn't hurt either!

Hope you can get out and enjoy the holiday weekend... the start to a FANTASTIC month!

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  1. Happy Birthday! You didn't say what day this month but I didn't want to miss the change to say it. Your yard looks so good. I have two pink Bonica in the front yard of our Vancouver house..Isn't it the most reliable thing around?!
    Good deal on your croquet reminds me of the one we had when I was a child, I love the game. Your lawn looks nice and flat for croquet, how fun that will be.

  2. Great looking hydrangea you have blooming... Very eye catching.

    A croquet set, if used properly, should always have that vintage used look. Love it!


  3. Happy Birthday !
    Your gardens look lovely!
    I havent played croquet for years !
    Have a wonderful summer day !

  4. Your flowers are looking wonderful! Mine are fighting to survive in this heatwave we are having.
    Happy Birthday to you.
    You did good on your croquet set. Thank you for showing the picture. I totally forgot about mine. I need to get it out before Monday!!

    Have a Happy 4th!

  5. Your hydrangeas are beautiful.. I'm not familiar with 'Roxanne' geranium, but I do have Rozanne which is an excellent bloomer all summer... L

  6. Your gardens have some really pretty flowers and bushes. Wishing you a wonderful weekend too.

  7. love your hydrangea. your garden is looking spectacular.


  8. All of your flowers look beautiful. My hydrangea is just starting to bud up.

  9. Your garden is beautiful!!! I bought a hydrangea that is suppose to be good up to 30 below!!!! I hope it makes it over the winter I so love them and your is spectacular!!
    Chris :o)

  10. Lovely post, Don't you just love Hydrangeas?

  11. Just beautiful and so inspiring! Have a lovely weekend and a very special birthday xx

  12. Happy Birthday to You! May you win everybody at croquet by knocking them out to the moon! How's that for a B-Day wish?

  13. Hi. I found my way here from Cottage Flora Thursday. Happy Birthday! Beautiful pics, I love all the herbs and the white shrub rose.

  14. Oooh, you have a birthday coming up! I hope it will be a happy one. Mine is in July, too.
    Your yard is a marvel!

  15. Lovely photos! What a great deal on your croquet set. I am visiting from Cottage Flora Thursday.

  16. Summer is coming along nicely at Red Gate Farm! Happy Birthday my friend. Your package is on its way. You can bake yourself some cupcakes to celebrate. Enjoy!

  17. Happy Birthday...hope you have a great one!
    I Love Croquet....have not played it in years. Hope to find an old set somewhere...someday.

  18. Yay, for July! Thank you so much for linking up to Cottage Flora Thursday's at Fishtail Cottage! Your lawn is gorgeous & definately ready for some outdoor croquet! xoxo, tracie
    ps-Happy Birthday!!!


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