Sunday, June 5, 2011

Summertime and the livin's easy.....

Ok, I know, one weekend of BEAUTIFUL weather above 70 degrees doesn't make it summertime... but it sure has felt like it the last few days.  The sun coming up early and warming up the east side of the house, feeling the heat rolling in the open windows with their old fashioned "fit inside the opening" kind of screens.

Bringing warmth and sunshine to flowers... birds.... bees.  Bringing the need to water everything in sight.

Don't you think that every color is more vibrant under the blue skies?  I do.

The field across the street is awash in yellow buttercups... peaking out under the rhodie.   Did you ever play that game as a child and hold one under your chin?

The silence here is refreshing.  Sounds of birds and bees, the leaves rustling in the slight breeze.  The faint sound of farm machinery working a field.  It's what I love best about Red Gate Farm, the quiet lazy feeling on days like this.

A long day was spent weeding the vegetable garden, my mind wandering through all sorts of thoughts.  And of course there was time for a little reading in my lawn chair... complete with iced tea and lemonade!

And as the sun goes down in the Western sky, it truly felt like a summer evening.... the first one of the year.

Once again,  I am reminded of how much I love summer.  What is it about summer that conjures up memories of younger and perhaps more carefree days?  Is it the sun warming everything... feeling a bit hazy... a bit sunburned... a bit sticky... a little too hot to cook dinner or sleep?  Or maybe just the dusty bare feet we sport?  The Popsicle craving?  Whatever it is, I'm glad it's here.

And it still feels good as the day makes it to sunset... the sun streams in my kitchen window just before it descends below the horizon.  The original wavy glass making a pretty pattern on the cabinet.... A nice ending to a beautiful weekend.

Enjoying the first, and hopefully of many, summertime weekends,


  1. Pretty photos, Chris. We had a lovely day today and yes it feels like summertime. School ends June 30th and we can hardly wait!

  2. Everything in your yard looks so pretty in the sunshine. I am so loving this weather and finally working in the garden. The cow pasture next to us is filled with buttercups and my hubby's bees are almost orange from the pollen and so heavy from it that they could hardly fly when coming to the hive! xo

  3. It is raining and humid here, these pictures make my heart melt!


  4. So relaxing, serence and beautiful! Your posts are like a breath of fresh air!

  5. Bare feet and Popsicles. You just described my childhood. :)
    I loved this post, Chris!

  6. it's finally starting to feel like summer here, too!

  7. What beautiful views - no wonder you love summer. We had a grand day up here too!

  8. What a beautiful day ~ a day like this is therapy! Everything looks lovely.

  9. Your farm is so beautiful and so wonderfully displayed and decorated. You have excellent taste. Enjoy the life you live!!!

  10. Looking at those photos it makes me sad to be at work stuck inside. But with it 101 today, inside is the best place to be! I love dirty feet and popsicles in the summer! ps the yard is looking amazing!

  11. Just beautiful Chris! I am so happy that it was warm for you and yes there is something about summer that takes us back to our childhood and the days that were carefree and easy, maybe that is why we remember them so. :) I hope it stays warm for you and I love that first shot, what a gorgeous place to sit and feel the sun. :)

  12. Darn blogger! I've left comments on this post twice and they won't post. Seems I have to log into my account to leave a comment now. I don't like it one bit!! I do, however, love all the photos of your beautiful piece of heaven! Is that the fiel where the potatoes are planted??? I'm not sure what they're planting by us. Seems it alternates between corn and potatoes. I love to look at the fields, but don't enjoy all the spray (fertilizer) and the stuff they use to kill the potato plants in the fall!
    My garden is all up and I'm anxiously awaiting something yummy to be ready for harvest!!
    Have a great week!!

  13. What a beautiful, Summer-y post! Loved every bit. We are definitely summer here - 90's for days now. I'm in for a break from some very hot garden work. I am refreshed just thinking about your 70's temps! Love that bench! -Tammy

  14. Jadeite in shelves, wicker on porches, and hostas growin happily your place inspire.


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