Friday, June 10, 2011

Vintage defined

vin·tage (vntj)

1. The yield of wine or grapes from a vineyard or district during one season.
2. Wine, usually of high quality, identified as to year and vineyard or district of origin.
3. The year or place in which a wine is bottled.
4.  a. The harvesting of a grape crop.
     b. The initial stages of winemaking.
5. Informal
     a. A group or collection of people or things sharing certain characteristics.
     b. A year or period of origin: a car of 1942 vintage.
     c. Length of existence; age.

1. Of or relating to a vintage.
2. Characterized by excellence, maturity, and enduring appeal; classic.
3. Old or outmoded.
4.   a. Of the best: played songs that were vintage Cole Porter.
      b. Of the most distinctive: "Fatalism has coexisted with vintage American overconfidence" (Thomas Oliphant).

Nope folks, we're not talking about wine here....  we're talking about the adjective.  What does vintage mean to you?  Does it mean "old and outmoded" or "enduring appeal", even "classic"?

I've come to appreciate vintage much more since we moved to our 90 year old home.  It's been fun to collect pieces I like... pieces with a family history even.

Take this little white stool.  It was my grandmother's.  When growing up, we spent at least one Sunday dinner at their house.  Dinner was early on Sundays... I'm thinking 12:30 or 1:00.  Not sure why, perhaps a hold over from the farming days perhaps?  What I do remember is 8 of us crowed around a very small table in my grandparent's kitchen.  The table only had 4 chairs.  This stool, well it was always my spot to sit.   Although I wasn't the youngest, I have a younger brother, I was the smallest.  I think I was the only one that could sit on this stool and still have my legs under the table!

A couple of years ago, my mom brought me the stool.  It's moved around the house many, many times.  I never found the right spot until I was working on the front porch and had placed it here while painting.  I decided I liked it with the old (but newly painted) plant stand.  I dug up some vintage tablecloths and runners to put on top since it looked a little bare and lonely.  I think this one is here for keeps.

A couple of weeks ago my mom and I stopped at a local estate sale.  I picked up this small globe.  It was a "giveaway" from our local newspaper back in the 60's.  I really like it's dark aqua color.  It was a splurge at $15.00.

And I'm always looking to add to my milk glass collection.  Most of these pieces were picked up at garage sales and thrift stores for $.49 to $.99.  A couple of pieces were my mom's and grandmother's.

I do use the vases for flowers.  Just right for a peony or two and even my home grown zinnias come summer.

This is my newest piece.  I did pay a whopping $5.00 at a local antique store.  I don't have any milk glass with this fabulous basketweave design.

And it makes a perfect holder for my spatulas!

My newest vintage quest is for pottery.  McCoy, California Pottery, Shawnee... anything made in the USA.... I don't even mind a chip or two but it needs to be greens, aquas or pinks.... it's for the front porch, which is a work in progress.

So I guess this means that I define vintage as "enduring appeal".

Hope you are all enjoying your weekend.  Me?  I hope to get out to a few sales or antiques stores this weekend.

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  1. I like the 'enduring appeal' definition. I look forward to seeing your porch with the pottery collection.

  2. I like the enduring appeal also. I think for me it is the sweetness of a time when there was still innocence, the times of Sunday dinners at grandma's like you remembered.

  3. I'm definitely an "enduring appeal" girl, too. Vintage is one of my very favorite words.
    I like it much better than "antique". Or "old".
    I hope you find lots of goodies this weekend!

  4. Good definition of vintage! And I think vintage is all about charm, character and having a story to tell. Something that just touches your heart ans makes you smile or someties even cry.

  5. Vintage to me is something that evokes strong memories for me that is less than 100 years old. In other words, it is not yet antique. Possibly something from my childhood or early adulthood years. Something chippy and sweet.


  6. I love the idea of the utensil holder....we are going to a big flea market today where I always find something vintage...anything USA is what I go for especially old camping gear...getting harder and harder to find. Believe it or not it all goes over to Japan...

  7. That photo of your wicker chair is so pretty! What a lovely place to linger with a glass of iced tea--I, too, love milkglass--started finding and collecting some vases for the bookshelf. Your photos are lovely!

  8. Such great pieces and beautiful furniture. I love it!!!!!!!

  9. A good definition indeed...and I love the stool with the pretty piece on it. :D

  10. Love your stool with the old tablecloths on top. So nice that you have this of your grandparents.

  11. Chris,
    I go with enduring appeal, too! And the possibilities are endless.
    Your stool and plant stand look terrific.

  12. Enduring appeal and classic. That's what I think of when I hear "vintage".
    I love that stool! It's fun to have things with memories attached to them. I was noticing one of your pieces of milk glass~the footed bowl with the scalloped rim? I have what I think is it's black twin.

  13. Vintage for me is definitely classy with enduring appeal. I've come to appreciate it too with buying an older home. Or, maybe, since becoming vintage myself! : )

    Love this post Chris, what a delight!

    And that tablecloth, reminds me of the one my grandmother made for my mom, which she passed along to me last year.

  14. My definition of vintage? Something that I remember from my childhood; it can be beautiful or useful; but it always takes me on a sentimental journey.

  15. I love vintage and love 'enduring appeal' What a charming way to describe it!! Thanks for sharing this at Feathered Nest Friday this week! :)

  16. Great finds! Love all of your vintage treasures.
    ~ Julie


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