Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The dog days of summer....

You may wonder where I've been lately... well the garden has been beckoning to me these last days of August... the Dog Days of Summer you may even say...

No, not this kind of dog days...

But the hot and steamy kind, where the garden is producing more and more each day...  We had hot, sunny days last week... well at least hot for us.

I made cucumber and tomato salsa... everything except salt, pepper and lime juice came from my garden.  It was fabulously yummy, if I do say so myself!

And the peaches have ripened here at Red Gate Farm.

Those babies are really mine, fresh off the trees...

A few more days and the pears will be ready for picking... and canning.

And our first ever nectarine crop is still looking fantastic... they're finally turning color... well other than green that is.

And the flowers... although many are looking a bit past their prime... there are still sunflowers to love... to photograph

or cut from the veggie garden for just the right vase inside.

And my favorite Teddy Bear style sunflowers.... look so bright and cheery...

And what's this?  Is it an early chrysanthemum?

Nope, they're marigolds... but they are called Mumsy because they look like Chrysanthemums.  I grew these from seed too.  I believe they come in a couple of colors besides the bright yellow.  These seeds, like my white impatiens, come from Park Seed (online/mail order).  They're as easy to grow as a regular marigold but take a little longer to mature since they are a fairly large flower/plant.

And speaking of marigolds... and chrysanthemums... I do have some regular french style marigolds next to my big, soon to be full of yellow flowers, chrysanthemum.

And as the month of August ends and September begins... I notice that my sedum, Autumn Joy, is changing color....

and we all know what that color change means... Fall is just around the corner, ready or not!

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  1. Your garden is certainly producing some scrumptious things! ::Jill

  2. You have true riches in your lovely, lush garden:)

  3. Love the peach pic with the little white what-evers!
    And I'll have some salsa too please! ;)

  4. What a great feeling it must be to grow so many types of produce. They look delicious. Your autumn flowers are pretty as are those 2 lazy dogs of summer. :-)
    Yes, I'm ready for autumn.

  5. Yes, your salsa looks YUM-O! I just made red pepper relish and frozen creamed corn. Been craving me some fresh peaches. I've yet to buy any though. Yours look delicious! Love your flowers. Teddy Bears are so dang cute! I think I am going to try Mumsy next year. I really like it. Keep enjoying those dog days of summer.

  6. Beautiful Chris! Your fruit, veggies and flowers--Oh My. I haven’t seen the Mumsy flowers before but I LOVE THEM! I must have some next spring :) I just love Red Gate Farm!!
    Hugs, Amy

  7. You have such beautiful produce. Those peaches look amazing! I wish I had planted some sunflowers. I wonder if it's too late?

  8. Wow, Chris! The bounty from Red Gate Farm is amazing. Glorious photos and Glorious garden.
    Your pups are fabulous and look like they love living on the farm.

  9. Wow! I've never heard of growing peaches on this side of the Cascades. Your thumb must be green indeed!

  10. Noooooo! I'm going to focus on the sweet fruit and just ignore anything in fall colours!

  11. Wow, to think you grew all that goodness. The peaches and pears are gorgeous. The salsa is making my mouth water. Hmmm, an ice cold margarita would good wonderful with the salsa. Oh, the marigolds are so different, very, very pretty.

  12. What a beautiful garden you have... All of that gorgeous fruit.. Your peaches rival any found here Georgia..
    Happy September.. hugs from Savannah, Cherry

  13. Those peaches look like they're absolutely PERFECT! Yum! You have such a green thumb.

  14. Chris your fruit looks so makes me really miss the Okanagan fruit we used to pick in BC. This year we couldn't make our yearly trip up to see my family so we never got to enjoy some of the fruits like Cherries and apricots right off the trees but at least our kids are getting their fill. Next year we'll make up for it. I LOVE your flowers most especially the teddy bear type sunflowers...WOW they're gorgeous! With our hot temperatures in the triple digits and no rain to speak of our new flower gardens and the veggie garden did terrible. Our tomato plants were HUGE but hardly produced a thing but hopefully since I went out and hacked a lot of the branches off they'll now concentrate on producing fruit. We'll see. Beautiful photo's.
    Maura :)


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