Friday, August 5, 2011

A little help from my friends....

Many of you are familiar with the ubiquitous vintage garden gate... you see them at every antique store, flea market... even garden stores.  They're usually snapped up pretty fast and brought home for many uses, inside and out.

Mine that I received for Christmas is currently in my garden, out my kitchen window, with sweet peas galore.

But how often do you see the actual fence that goes with this gate?  It's difficult to locate to buy new and even harder to find old and vintage.  Something like this is what I'm talking about.

courtesy photo

For my birthday (wow, I do manage to keep bring that up!) tracked down this fencing in the Seattle area... which meant picking it up instead of having it shipped... which as you may have guessed costs and arm AND a couple of legs!

Our planned fence is going to enclose our veggie garden, more for looks than anything, well except it will keep our two labs out of the carrots. 

My husband has been researching the best way to "put it up".  He's a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to building, actually now that I think of it, he's that way about pretty much anything.  We've driven around local "older" neighborhoods thinking someone would have one, nope.  We've been scouring the Internet for photos... not much out there.  We did find a website in Australia that shows this style of fence put up with wood posts and cross pieces... but we'd like to see other options as well.

Much to my surprise I saw a picture on this gal's blog of THE fence... I left a comment to ask about getting some photos and ironically they had just taken it down that weekend!  Talk about poor timing for me!  So, my question to you all is if you or someone you know has this style of fencing, even a wee bit in a cottagey garden... and would you be willing to share any pictures with me?  So I can get my perfectionist moving on my fence before winter!

Hope your weekend is fabulous, I'm enjoying another picture perfect, Pacific Northwest weekend...

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  1. Love the fencing for a garden area. It has a bit of an old fashioned look to it. I think it looks great attached to the posts you show.... Not sure how else you would put it up... good luck with your search.

  2. I'm the last person to help you out in this category. But I do enjoy your determination to find just the right way to put it up. Can't wait to see the outcome.

  3. Your gate with sweet peas is adorable! I'll be growing sweet peas next year for sure. And I just love that cute, very cottage style fence - just perfect for your garden!

  4. You are one lucky gal!! I will keep my eyes open for any pics of said fencing. I, of course, love your gate as well. Now you just may have started me off on another obsession ;) -Tammy p.s. your garden looks wonderful. Mine just stinks this year :(

  5. My grandparents have that exact same gate on their farm to go from their backyard into the garden. Glad you found fencing to match.

  6. I'm pretty sure that's the type of fencing that's around an old house on the next block. But I believe it's the original fencing, because there are these really cool, very old cement posts that it's attached to. That fencing is going to look fantastic around your garden. I love your gate too, and I hope to find one someday!

  7. Hi Chris - I'll be on the lookout during my walks up here, as I'm pretty sure I've seen that type of fence in older neighbourhoods.

  8. Your gate is so cute...sorry that I'm not any help with fencing.


  9. I have some of this fencing but I don't have it up yet. I had it up for a short time, but took it down for the roofers last Summer. At that time I just put it up using the fence post that was already up. I was going to put it back up in June, but it got so hot so fast and since, we have hardly had a break. Anyway, my plans are to leave the wider post up and remove the narrow ones to be replaced with more wider post. I bought some rounded caps since I think they look more vintage. I hope that it will look fine.
    In the older homes were I have seen this type of fencing, I have seen them use the post that is used for barbed wire. I don't like that. I have thought of using wooded post but wasn't sure I wanted to paint them.
    Your fencing is the best that I have ever seen. It looks as though it was never used!! You are very fortunate to find it!

  10. BTW, I have a 1934 Better Homes and Gardens magazine that has an ad for this fencing. I have always heard of it being called garden fence, but according the the ad, it was called LAWN FENCE!!! It shows a picture of it, so I thought I would go look for you, but it doesn't show any post at all!

  11. Oh, I want some too! I really want to enclose my garden, not for "thieves", but for prettiness! I was thinking something like this or picket fence. LOVE yours. Great taste as always!

  12. I have sent you pics (to your gmail address) of this fencing that is around about an acre of land that the house my great grandparents built in 1900 sits on. This fencing has been up for as long as I can remember and I am 61. I hope this helps. With the smaller posts that have been placed in the ground and have been welded at the top and bottom so the fencing can to attached, the fencing shows and the posts don't take away from the look.
    Janie F.
    Tyler, TX

  13. I'll be on the look out too! Our local farm supply store sells that fencing, and I've been tempted to use it around our garden too! Wow, it's like we're twins! Not knowing how to secure it is what stopped me as well. Now you've motivated me to go on a hunt around the old farmsteads in my hood. Can't wait to see what else you find out.

  14. I hope that you get some help because that is going to look so great! I will keep my eye out for this and let you know if I find anything!

  15. Love that fence. I think there might be some a few blocks over. At least it used to be there. I'll check it out soon and let you know. It's going to look great!

  16. I love that fence! I'm glad you were able to track some down, it will look adorable. Good luch finding more info.

  17. That fence should be easy to put up! Well if you can call putting up a fence easy?! Ha! Anyway, we had that same fence when I was a kid. I helped pull it when I was in HS. Currently, it is rolled up & sitting in our machine shed. Basically it's just like the picture shown. Just roll it out & hammer in the fence staples. Good luck!
    Nice to meet you! Couldn't resist stopping by a neighboring 'farm!'

    PS~NICE red tractor! :)

  18. Hi Chris, love those gates. I have a couple and I think they're so versatile and charming. Great fencing to go with it. Your garden looks amazing. Thanks so much for linking up with VIF,
    xo Debra


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