Wednesday, August 17, 2011

A humble garden flower...

When we moved to Red Gate Farm, the first flowers I grew from seed were Zinnias.  They're pretty easy to grow from seed and we had a great flower filled garden that year.

Since then, each year I've purchased and planted new varieties.  Trying out new ones and keeping some of the old ones.

Last year I grew these profusion series with pink centers for the first time.... I liked them, so they returned for an encore this year.

They're lower growing, sort of bushy and fill up the round bed around my Magnolia... along with plain white Profusion Zinnias.

I also like these low growing Mexican Zinnias.  They fill up the areas around my sunflowers.

I think what I love most about Zinnias is how different each one is from the other.... they come in all kinds of colors, shapes and sizes...

Just like all of us...

From soft and pink...

To vibrant red...

They mix well with chippy cement chickens....

And yet they dress up nicely as cut flowers for inside my house.

I grow them in flower beds...

and in the veggie garden for cutting.

They don't need a lot of attention and like my sandy loam soil.  This new one is fun... I think it was called Cherry Swizzle.  It's a fairly short one and very busy so it won't make a good cut flower.

But my newest favorite,Tequila Lime, does...

And my all time favorite, of course, is the Envy Zinnia.... it makes a fabulous cut flower.

Here's to enjoying a humble, simple flower... the zinnia.

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  1. Every. Single. One. is gorgeous!!
    My Nana has always spoken about having Zinnias when she was a little girl during the depression. It was the only seed her mother could trade for and have flowers in the garden, the veggie garden and in the house. A big luxery then I guess...
    Thanks for such a sweet post. When I visit her this Sunday, I will take along my Netbook and show her your beautiful "posies" she will call them.
    xo, misha

  2. beauties, each and every one of them! Are they in the dahlia family? They look so much like little dahlias and are as colorful. I will have to give them a try next year as my cutting garden was a huge fail this year. Thanks for sharing your beauties today.

  3. Next year I will plant zinnias so that I am not like the last zinnia, green with envy!

  4. Love all Zinnias too. I want that first one!

  5. Zinnas are probably my favorite deep summer flower! Love your photos!

  6. One of my favorites for sure! They are so easy to grow, so many choices and just have that old-fashioned cottage garden feel!

  7. Ooh, the envy is gorgeous... I love zinnias, and also echinaceas which now also come in a huge variety of colors.

  8. These are gorgeous Chris, I had no idea that they came in such a variety of beautiful colors!

  9. ahhhh my grandmas's favorite and now mine i just love zinnia's........your pic's are beautiful!!

  10. I think there's something about our Pacific North West winters that makes us crave hot colour in the summer - to banish the grey!!

  11. What a collection of gorgeous flowers!
    How many years have you been growing your zinnias? I love the "envy" and the varigrated is really unuasual too.

  12. Gorgeous zinnias and gorgeous photography.

    Tequila Lime and Envy are my favorites.

    We have so much shade on our property and I am limited to just a few sunny spots to plant the flowers I enjoy. BUT, I am going to give this a royal try next spring.

    Do you share suggestions of places to purchase seeds?

    Again, your photographs and presentation bring me to you time and time again.
    Thank you . . .

  13. Your Zinnias are gorgeous! Great photos!

  14. Beautiful!!! I love zinnias too! :)


  15. Your zinnias are so pretty! I am growing a few too. I just love the different shades they come in!

  16. Dear Tequila Lime,
    Will you be my new best friend?
    I love them all, Chris! I grew the white/pink centered little guy last year, and he didn't do well for me. He kind of browned out and was a bit scrawny. Yours are gorgeous. Zinnias are my favorite annual flower by a long shot. Just like you said, they're all different, and they're all tough and they're all beautiful!

  17. Hi Chris,

    What a lovely collection of zinnias!!
    Love the Tequila Lime so rich in colour... and texture! Beautiful!!

    All the Best,

  18. I am DEFINITELY planting zinnias next year! Thanks for the photos!

  19. I had no idea Zinnia's were so varied. These are beautiful flowers and the pics are amazing. That definitely brightened up my morning!!

  20. Just came across your blog and so glad I did. Enjoyed seeing all the pretty zinnias. The Tequila Lime is my favorite. No one has flowers around here with the drought so it was nice to see yours.

  21. Where do you purchase your seed?

  22. Didn't realize that zinnias are so pretty and varied. Thank you for these beautiful photos. Makes me wish I had a green thumb like yours:)

  23. Very nice pictures and variety! Zinnias are great to grow. You definitely make we want to put them on my list for next year! Thanks for sharing some of your favorites! Happy Gardening! Mindy

  24. Do you start them all from seed? How many and how much room do you need. They're so pretty!


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