Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Summer Lovin'

On days like today, it's easy to think that life doesn't get much better than this... blue skies, warm (not hot) temperatures and beautiful gardens.  Oh how I love summer.  If I could just mix in a sandy beach and the scent of Coppertone I'd be in heaven.

This year my Limelight hydrangea is doing better than ever..

and a slightly different look it has as the sun goes down.

And the Anabelle hydrangea that I moved is finally blooming.  Three years in a spot that was much too shady was obviously 3 years too long.  It's making up for lost time!

And my sweet peas are going crazy on my vintage garden fence... just like I imagined when I planted them in the spring.

This dahlia seems to be a little earlier than my other varieties.  It's a very deep red with dark, almost black, leaves.

And finally my happy faced zinnias are coming alive.  This one is called Cherry Swizzle, fun huh?

And I mustn't forget Peppermint Stick.

The astilbe is looking fabulous against the lime green foliage of the hostas.

And what's this?  A volunteer sunflower... right in the middle of the potato row. 

And speaking of volunteers, I haven't planted dill since the first year we moved to Red Gate Farm.  It comes back year after year... sometimes not exactly where I want it!

The veggie garden is growing like crazy, especially the weeds darn it!

Purple bush beans are ready for picking.

Grape tomatoes, believe it or not, I will be quite sick of these by the end of September.

And those same sweet peas are also planted in the veggie garden, for cutting and bringing inside.  The smell of sweet peas is one of my favorites.

And if you look closely, behind the sweet peas, the field of potatoes is being watered... again.  I guess I'll be lulled to sleep tonight by the sound of the diesel motor and the spraying water... and wake to it as well.

But all these blue skies and water have brought blooms to my field of potatoes...

Enjoying the sights, sounds and even without the Coppertone, the smells of summer...

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  1. Look at those Sweet Peas!
    Nicely done.

  2. Your garden looks gorgeous! The dahlias are so pretty and so varied. I can't wait for ours to open up.

  3. Chris,

    Your gardens and field of potatoes look wonderful. I especially love your dahlia and sweet pea blooms.

  4. I love it all!!!!! Your flowers are beautiful. My Mom makes the best sauce out of her tomatoes and freezes it for the winter. Love your garden, it's perfect!
    Chris :o)

  5. Hi Chris,
    What a beautiful farm. It must be wonderful to live there! I know what you mean about getting tired of tomatoes by Sept., but right now I would love to get my first garden tomato (from someone...I don't have a veggie garden).

  6. I'm totally in love with your sweet peas! Soooo delicate and pretty. Thanks for sharing your summer pics!

  7. All your flowers and gardens look wonderful ! Have a good day !

  8. Just what summer should look and smell like!

  9. I am just jealous of all your pretty flowers! Ahhhh Coppertone, now that scent would take me back!

  10. Don't you just love volunteers? Your garden looks amazing!

    Have a wonderful day!!!

  11. I noticed that dahlia in your header. It is such an interesting and beautiful color! I'm headed to the beach today so I will soak up the smell of coppertone for you. Don't be too jealous it is 100 and the ocean temp isn't too far behind that!

  12. Very pretty indeed. Coppertone has the best scent, they ought to make a perfume out of it. I have a rule about volunteer plants in my garden...if they have the nerve to grow there...they deserve to grow there! Enjoy this lovely weather.

  13. Everything looks so beautiful. I have many of the same flowers.

  14. I grew up with the scent of Coppertone and Sea and Ski. Love them both. Your garden is in a word, gorgeous. I love the peppermint flower and the limelight hydrangeas. Very lovely post!

  15. You have some gorgeous flowers! That red/black dahlia is one I haven't seen before.

    Potatoes take a LOT of water! They're harvested in September here, but not until October where I grow up. You won't have long before they're gone.

  16. Ahhh, I need some sweet peas in the garden! As for the tomatoes, I'm still waiting for them to ripen.


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