Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Annie get your (glue) gun....

So I finally accomplished a project that I've been meaning to get done for quite some time...

My inspiration was this shade at Anthro...however the price was a bit steep and it was too large for the lamp I had in mind....

Then I saw a post here about the same shade and how she made her own... off to the fabric store where I knew I could get this ribbon since we'd seen it while "wedding shopping".... With a coupon I got all the ribbon for $5.00.

And a shade for under $8.00... I really wanted a barrel, straight sided shade but couldn't find one in a smaller size.

The lamp I had in mind came from the thrift store for just $2.99.... although I probably should have a new cord put on it.

The project couldn't have been easier... with my trusty old glue gun and a couple of glue sticks.  I started at the top of the shade on the seam... gluing and winding the ribbon.

Half way there and I had only burned my thumb once with the hot glue...

My guess work when buying the ribbon was pretty close since this is all I had left...

And the finished project?  Well I couldn't love it more! Fluffy and frothy just like a wedding cake...

And don't you think this lamp and shade would look cute at a bridal shower?  My sister will be hosting one here at Red Gate Farm for my daughter in a few weeks... I of course offered to take care of all of the decorating so this may make an appearance...

Tune in tomorrow for Wedding Wednesday... the first of the bridal showers was last Saturday and I have lots to share!

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  1. That lamp turned out AMAZING, Wow! It will be perfect for the shower! xo

  2. I LOVE the lamp, and I don't think anyone will notice the cord since they'll be all dreamy when looking at the shade! Great job.

  3. Chris, that shade is so pretty. I have never seen that type of, do you call it, ribbon or fabric before, but I will certainly look for it. Just beautiful and perfect on that cute lamp base..Happy Wednesday..Judy

  4. So pretty I think you could wear it too! smile . . .

  5. OMGoodness -- that lamp is fabulous! Pinning this! I am going to have to keep an eye out for that ribbon :)


  6. So beautiful Chris!! Love it! xo Heather

  7. Beautiful lamp Chris! A glue gun really makes easier to get things done.

  8. This lamp is so sweet. Happy wedding decorating to you. I've been there with 2 married daughters. Wonderful experience, glad to be finished! :D I'm a new follower and I sure enjoy your blog.

  9. oh my that is great...did you get the ribbon @ Joannes???...You did a wonderful job....hmmm I may have to take a trip south!
    Can't wait to see more Wedding Wednesday!

  10. I know its wrong to covet...so I will just say I LOVE YOUR HOME...just did a bit of back reading & I had missed your last post & your great big property looks fabulous!

  11. How cute Chris...I'll have to look for this ribbon since I have a lamp that could use a girly touch like this one :) Thanks for the idea...great photo's by the way ;) Maura :)

  12. That is one very sweet lamp! And thrifty too!

  13. I had to come back for another look. Not only do I love the lamp, I'm totally crushing on what I assume is wallpaper in the background! I just love the design and the colors!

  14. It turned out FAB!!! And only 1 burn? You are GOOD! ;)

  15. WAY better than Anthropologie's! I like the frayed look around the edges of the flowers a lot. And it looks so great against that pretty wallpaper!


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