Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Wedding Wednesday #8 - Making a list, checking it twice

The weeks have been flying by... the count is now down to just over 8 weeks until the "big day".... fortunately all of the "big" stuff has now, officially, been taken care of with the last items of bridesmaid dresses and suit purchases.

As you may recall, I'm a list maker.... sometimes I even have lists of lists.... so of course when we heard the news of the engagement and upcoming wedding my first purchase was a new notebook dedicated to wedding planning....

A cute Cath Kidston notebook with a fabulous, aqua, over sized rubber band to keep all the odd and ends inside the notebook that is rapidly filling up with lists and bits of paper...

Lists of questions for vendors as decisions were made...

As well as literature and contact information for chosen vendors...

Color swatches and samples... and really this is a dark purple, not black!

Copies of fun items like the save-the-date postcard...

As well as the official invitation...

Trying to stay on top of everything, big and small, the last few months has certainly been a challenge... but finally we are now we're on to the DIY and the details.  I'm sure the next 8 plus weeks are going to fly by and I don't want to get to the final days and realize we'd forgotten to order the favors... or get votive candles for the holders... 

Needless to say, the notebook has taken up permanent residence in my purse... which is fortunately VERY over sized... so we don't miss a thing!

This weekend is another bridal shower, at Red Gate Farm, so I have a few things to get done before Sunday... one of which is to sit down with the bride to be and go over lists that we've both made... deciding on details like hair, final table layout and centerpieces, design of favor bags, etc, etc, etc....  Good thing we both have lists!

Tick tock, tick tock,


  1. Everything looks wonderful ! Have a good time at the bridal shower ! Photos of that please hehe ! Have a great day !

  2. oh my goodness...where did you get that cute needle patch work?? fun .is it a pattern or did you make it up?
    What a beautiful couple & I am sure you will get all your boxes checked and completed!
    So very exciting!

  3. I'm getting nervous for you! LOL! You're being a champion mom to do all those things. My daughter did most of the stuff for her wedding, but I hand addressed all the invitations adding a watercolor rose detail to the envelope, made a sterling silver and crystal tiara myself, helped paint the pots for the centerpieces, and joined Portland Yacht Club so she could have the wedding there! :-) I'm enjoying your planning and prep. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  4. CHris: I'm sure you've got everything under control. Lot's of work but really fun! I remember! That is the cutest little car embroidery..Happy Wednesday..Judy

  5. It really does help to be organized. There are just so many details! But it looks like you have it all under control. I'm excited for you!

  6. I think you are on top of things . . . . Don't lose that notebook!!! How are the Zinnias and other flowers? Budding and blooming . . .

  7. Thought of you at the Thrift store yesterday as they had an unusual white dot dish...can't think of the official name as of this moment! Carried it around for awhile and then put it back, hoping you'd find it when you went next! Hope it's still there!!!
    I love that little stitchery of the wedding that something you have? a pattern? any ideas???

    Things seem to be coming along nicely! I look forward to your Wed. posts to see what's new! Hope you have nice weather for the shower...maybe today really is the start of summer!!

  8. What a great notebook. It really helps you keep organized with your wedding plans. Looks like you are making wonderful progress:)

  9. How exciting!!! Now that Annabel & Chris's is done, I can enjoy yours ;)

    If I have any advice, its this - make sure you have SPECIFIC tasks for specific people to do i.e. like lighting candles,or handing out programs, or checking bathroom supplies etc. It really helped me to have so many working on details for a DIY wedding, rather then just a few core people - that way people didnt get overwhelmed with the task at hand and were able to enjoy themselves at the wedding rather then end up being a tireless worker! :) So far, we are hearing that it was the wedding of the century here lol!


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