Monday, June 4, 2012

Checking off on "the list"....

The past few weeks have been rather crazy... it seems that I have a list a mile long that I want to accomplish and just not enough time.  Since I've been off work on Fridays there doesn't seem to be any excuse... of course the gardens have taken up most of my spare time in May... along with a side trip to the ER for a little accident my husband had.  He's okay but lets just say that my daughter will be relieved if the two missing teeth can be replaced by the wedding!

This past weekend I managed to cross a number of projects off "the list".  First up was cleaning and repainting the front porch floors.  I've meant to do this for some time.  Just my luck, Sherwin Williams stopped selling the porch and floor paint in a semi-gloss finish.... I just managed to scrape enough out of the old can to get a good coat on the floor.

Now the waiting begins.  Curing on painted floors takes about 7 days... so needless to say, everything except for the large cabinet is now taking up space... cluttering up the living room and dining room.

But it will all be worth it to have bright and shiny, newly painted floors.

Moving on to the next item on the list,


  1. been doing some back reading here that I have missed...everything looks great ..all your preps for the wedding! (how about using masonary board ..feels very slatish..painted for the chalboards?? inserts!)
    Your porch floor is amazing! that room!

  2. Porch floor looks great ! Oh the dreaded to do list , we have one here to up on the fridge . Hope your hubby is ok . Have a great day !

  3. Your porch floor looks wonderful. I am planning to paint the front porch floor any day now......

  4. That floor looks great, and theres nothing like a real wood floor. Richard

  5. Wow...2 missing teeth...that doesn't sound good:( I hope he's OK! Your floor looks really the color!

  6. Your porch looks great! Amazing what a fresh coat of paint can do. Sorry about the teeth. That must have been one traumatic accident!

  7. Your porch is the ultimate! The floor looks great. And I hope he can get his teeth capped, too. I think I'd have PTSD after a mishap like that!

  8. Your porch looks beautiful!! So sorry about your husband!! Hope he recovery will be quick! Have a lovely week! xo Heather

  9. Yes, your hubby will need his 2 front teeth for that wedding!!
    Glad you were able to get enough paint to freshen up your porch.

  10. I love a painted porch...beautiful! Do you have time to share the how-to's sometime (post wedding!)? I painted our mudroom floor...followed all the "rules"...sanded between coats and ended with 3 coats of poly. Sadly, it didn't last any time at all, and wore off. I would love to know how to do it right! Yours looks terrific...yay, something off the list!

    1. I've only used porch and floor paint on my painted floors... I like the glossy finish which sadly Sherwin Williams stopped. The floors do need to be repainted but typically last a couple of years before looking to worn... although I like the worn look too... I've tried both latex and oil and don't see much difference in wear since latex has improved so much. I'll have to post a bit more since I have more floors to "re do"!


  11. The porch floor looks so clean and fresh. Painting porches is one of those things that gets pushed down the list. Not fun but once it is done a fresh painted porch is just about the best thing ever. Glad your hubby is ok, hope he gets those teeth back in ;)


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