Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Wedding Wednesday - #7 chippy, shabby and fabulous

First off I need to correct a little mathmatecal error from last week... the 72 days or so until the wedding is THIS week, not last week... the good news is an "extra week"!

I've shared that the wedding will have vintage items incorporated into the theme... milk glass, vintage flower frogs, frames, etc.  A few other ideas we've had....

First up... shutters. My daughter knew early on she wanted to use shutters and these shabby ones from a local antique store are perfect.

Two of them were a steal for an antique store at under $40 for the pair.  And they are big... somewhere between 4 and 5 feet that is...

And the plan?  Well seating or escort cards of course!  My daughter has been diligently hand writing cards on purple card stock with white ink... perhaps a few flowers and it will be perfect.  Of course now I need to get my husband to build some sort of brace so that they can stand... and after the wedding?  Well I plan to put them in a flower bed next year and grow sweet peas on them!

I came across this little item for $2.99 at the thrift store a couple of weeks ago... a luggage rack that is.

I have removed the straps and painted it a creamy white that I mixed out of two colors of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint.... the same as the chalkboard frames... I plan to add straps of some kind since it doesn't actually stand without them!  I may even tie the strapping on so that it can be changed out after the wedding.

And the purpose here?  Well it may hold a vintage suitcase full of programs or even a vintage train case for cards... like this beauty.  And after the wedding?  Well it will be put to good use in the guest room!

My little shabby yellow table has been getting it's makeover too... I picked this table up for $35 from the same local antique store as the shutters came from...

I love the curvy detail on the apron.

I applied multiple coats of chalk paint in old white, pure white and a combination of the two...

Then added some Paris Gray to play up the dings, imperfections and the fun lines...

Covered that with another coat of the mixed colors of white...

I started sanding it last night but haven't finished the legs and apron yet...

Then it will be clear wax over the whole thing...  don't you love the curvy little details on the top?

And for the wedding?  THIS is the inspiration... a cute little table for cupcakes or perhaps a guest book area... a beverage station even... of course after the wedding it will be useful to have a little table for outdoor dinners or even a party or two.
Source: via Red on Pinterest

And finally... this idea was absolutely free... out of my own compost pile behind the barn no less.  A couple of weeks ago while emptying my wheelbarrow full of weeds I spied a little something my son had brought over from his little house... a piece of picket fencing.  I proceeded to climb in the pile to pull the section of fencing out... some of the boards were already coming off of the cross braces.... you'd be proud to hear I managed to remove the others all on my own... 15 wonderful little pickets!

I mean really, WHO would throw this away!  I know the intention was to burn it up with some non-compostable garden/tree limb waste... men!  Fortunately I found them before the big event.

You can't replicate this perfect patina...

These pointy ends were just screaming for something...

Something like this perhaps?  Thanks to picmonkey I could "create" a little signage inspiration for today... what will be on the final signs is yet to be determined... and which way they'll be pointing!

Happy to know I gained myself a week,


  1. Oh you have some great ideas! Do you have a chandelier to hang from the tree...we lent rent ours out for weddings...(six just went to a grad!)...we paint them all white & with the crystals they are pure majic!
    Everything is coing together the pickets...yes men!
    I feel like I am going to the wedding myslef!

  2. Beautiful ideas. The best part is your amazing creative touch. Congratulations to the bride and groom:)

  3. You have some wonderful things going for the is going to be beauiful!! I love the shutters and the little table...great finds!!

  4. Oh, Chris: Here I am back twice in one day. Love all these ideas. Can't wait until the next ones..Happy Wednesday..Judy

  5. Fantastic photos ,ideas and work here . I love it all ! Looking forward to all the next wonderful ideas. Have a great day !

  6. Creative you are . . . great ideas . . . picket fence slats are perfect for signage . . .use inside your home after the wedding.

  7. All of your ideas are so wonderful! Are we allowed to pin from your blog? I like to ask first, but would really love to save these ideas for someday!!
    I have one of those luggage racks too, that I need to paint. I took my old suitcases and spray painted them off white and love them!
    Thanks for sharing!

    1. Pin away Holly (and any one else that's interested)... I love to share :)


  8. Oh my. You have some great ideas! I love the idea of the picket fence signs!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE that!!!

    Have a great week!

  9. I come here every week to see what you've gotten done (because you've always told me too) and it makes me feel like such a slacker. I think I'm half way through the table numbers (with a few I'm going to potentially re-do) and only have like 20 place cards done, although, all 150 are stamped...


  10. This is going to be such a pretty wedding! I LOVE all your ideas~and I want your luggage rack! I've been looking for one for a long time, but for some reason, they're really expensive here.
    The table looks great!


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