Thursday, June 21, 2012

First day of summer.... and finally some sun!

Yesterday was the first day of summer...  and FINALLY a sunny day here in Washington state!  Week after week we've been living up to the reputation of gray skies and rainy days while reading about heat waves and 90's in other parts of the country....

I think my gardens let out a bit of a sigh yesterday and again tomorrow when they all felt the glow and warm rays of a summer morning...

Although most of the perennials seem to have "weathered" the past few weeks just fine, the annuals and the vegetable garden have just sort of stopped.... unless you count the weeds... they don't seem to have any problem growing.  In fact it's kind of hard to tell what is veggies and what is weeds in the vegetable garden!

 My poor little impatiens that I so carefully planted seed by seed have barely grown since being planted in the gardens mid-May... some even just gave up and disappeared.  After a record number of seeds sprouting I think my plant count is actually down.... I don't think the down right cold temperatures haven't helped either.

Fortunately it's not all "bad news" in the gardens.  The alyssum and lime thyme seem to thrive in this weather....

It never ceases to amaze me how quickly flowers can bloom when a bit of sun warms them up... the day lilies that surround the garage are loaded with buds just waiting to open..

The first of the Bonica roses are putting in an appearance...

And I couldn't resist this sunny little spot at 6:00 am yesterday when I was getting ready to head out for work... I'll admit, I was thinking a bit of a cold might have to come on suddenly (cough-cough), so that I could stay home!

I'm pretty sure after all of June's rain the hanging baskets and window boxes could use a bit of something the next time I water.... a bit of Miracle Grow might help perk them up after the soaking they've had.

And hot pink is a welcome sight no matter what the weather brings....

Hopefully we can see more sun than rain over the next few days... especially Sunday afternoon when "the ladies" will descend upon Red Gate Farm for a bridal shower...

And perhaps you can pretend that the garden hose isn't hanging out in the last picture...

Looking forward to a busy weekend,

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  1. Lovely photos ! Here it has been hot, humidy and sunny for a week praying for rain we are now ! Have a wonderful day !

  2. Things are looking very nice around your farm. I had to laugh about the hose in the last photo, as it always seems there is a hose in my yard photos! Have a fun shower! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  3. Oh but you do have such a lovely garden!!!!

  4. I am also amazed at how everything, including me, perks up when the sun shines in. Hoping it will stick around for awhile but knowing better than to set my sights on it. Love the new header photo...and the rest of your blooms. Fingers crossed for Sunday...;j

  5. Happy sunshine day/days! I hope it holds for the bridal shower . . .

  6. It is supposed to be nice on Sunday...not so much tomorrow and Sat. My garden is so confused and sad. I can't imagine that it's going to produce a lot this year. I've had to re-plant and fill in so many things it's ridiculous!!
    I really like the lime thyme...did you get it as a plant? Seed? would love to plant some here!
    Were you able to make it to the thrift store?

    My weeds are doing just fine too...

  7. The sun has been a welcome sight but it would be better if it would stick around for awhile. Some things are growing like mad, it must be the 'terrarium' like conditions here.

    When we went to the City House down in Vancouver, USA, our Bonica was in full bloom and putting on quite a show this year.

    Your place looks so nice and I'm sure all of the ladies will enjoy the party there. xo

  8. A really nice home and I love your images. Richard from the Amish settlement of Lebanon,pa

  9. What a beautiful morning! There is something so special about early morning light...

  10. Such a beautiful morning there! Have a wonderful Sunday for the bridal shower! xo Heather

  11. Your flowers are all stunning! I remember the 3 years we lived in Washington State when we were military and how much it rained....I loved living there but the sun is a good thing :)


  12. Well, we had a day or so of sun! I marvel at how well everythings growing in spite of rain. Your photos are beautiful!


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