Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Wedding Wednesday #7 - a shower

The first of two bridal showers for my daughter.  It was held last Saturday at the home of the groom's parents.  Hosted by the Maid of Honor (groom's sister) and the mother-in-law to be.  Most guests were from the area and were mainly friends and family of the groom's side.  I and the bride-to-be's grandmothers were also invited.

We had a nice ride down to the Seattle area together to catch a ferry to head over to the shower.  If you peek out the window you can see where the wedding will be... and yes, that is a gorgeous view!

Everyone had a fabulous time visiting while waiting for all of the guests to arrive...

The shower was a brunch and the food was fantastic!

The mother-in-law to be used vintage family china.  Gorgeous!

Of course, in bridal shower tradition, the ribbons were saved and attached to a paper plate to be used as a ribbon bouquet by the bride at the rehearsal.  So many beautiful gifts were wrapped with care... all of this ribbon is proof of that!

After gifts... well it was CAKE TIME!

And a sip of coffee out of more vintage china....

A little photo op with the bride-to-be and her cake.

Time to cut into this gorgeous creation.... made by the same bakery that will be making the cupcakes and cutting cake for the wedding.

And of course a bit of mugging for the camera... Miss Smarty Pants....

But "oh, wait... this isn't quite as easy as it looks"....

I think Miss Smarty Pants needs to practice her cake cutting skills a bit more before the big day!

The bakery also made up these fabulous little boxes, favors for all of the guests.

And what was inside?  Well sweet bliss of course... literally the bakery makes their version of a Ding Dong and it is appropriately named Sweet Bliss.  I shared mine with my husband when I got home...

Because I'd already had my piece of cake... and I ate it too!

Nine weeks plus a few days and counting,


  1. Your bride-to-be is so pretty and her outfit matches the cake so nicely. Wishing you all lots of fun memories as you prepare for the 'big day.'

  2. It looks like the showers was a big success! I love that the hostess used her china! The bride to be is beautiful...hope you share pics of the wedding day!


  3. Wow Chris what a WONDERFUL wedding shower! The wedding is going to be beautiful in this setting...won't be long now. What fancy cakes...I can only imagine how beautiful the wedding cupcakes and cutting cake will be if they are anything like this one. Your daughter is so cute...she'll make a gorgeous blushing bride ;) Have fun with all the other wedding activities and planning!
    Maura :)

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  5. The wedding setting near the water and the adorable bride to be give a glimpse of what a lovely wedding it will be in a few weeks. The shower cakes looked fabulous. I can only imagine what the cutting cake and cup books will be for the big day! Thank you for bringing us along to see the plans and happenings!

  6. Wonderful photos ! Glad all had a nice time and the food looks soo YUMMY ! have a great day !

  7. I looks like it was a lovely shower. Your daughter is so pretty, she will be a very beautiful bride. I bet you are all getting so excited. xo

  8. Isn't it fun?
    That looked like a lovely shower. Savour every minute!

  9. What a fun shower and that cake is gorgeous! Love the pics of your beautiful daughter! What beautiful eyes she has! Does she hear that all the time??? All that vintage goodness? Why it looks like your two families were meant to be united.

    I'm so excited to see all these wedding preparations.

  10. That looks like one very happy bride-to-be! And what a great shower! Only 9 weeks to go - it will be here before you know it!


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