Thursday, June 7, 2012

The gardens today...

What's happening at Red Gate Farm?

The wheat in the field is growing like crazy... soon it will start to turn golden... well soon if the rain ever stops.

The hostas have really come into their own.  This hosta is one of my largest and is aptly named Sum and Substance... which it certainly has!  It's at least 4 feet in diameter after just 4 or 5 years.

My bright blue delphinium is looking fabulous... I love this delphinium for it's almost fluorescent color.

My Festiva Maxima peony is in full bloom...

I recently learned that this peony is a very old variety, from the late 1800's.

My clematis is having an exception bloom year...

It's hard to believe it started out as just a tiny little vine 4 or 5 years ago.

The hanging baskets are huge and loving all of this rainy weather we're having...

Especially when the sun peeks out for a bit too...

I've planted all of my seedlings... the few I couldn't manage to squeeze into any more space have been potted into 3 or 4 inch pots to give away.... I have marigolds, sunflowers, zinnias and cucumbers to share!

My Wave Petunias are still pretty small but give them a bit more time and you won't even be able to see the pot...

Sunflowers, waiting for the sun...

Sadly, the impatiens are not liking this weather we're having.  I don't think they mind the rain but our temperatures have been very cool too.  Some nights have been in the 40's!  These little guys really don't appreciate that!

And additions this year?  Well I found a hydrangea I've been wanting... it's called Strawberry Vanilla and is a sun lover... I think it will go at the corner of the barn where a new flower bed awaits my attention.

But the major project here this year is my husband's baby.  An irrigation system for the gardens, lawns and veggie patches too.  Lots of digging has been going on... and pipe laying... wire laying... a new well pump.

Some of the digging was accomplished with this little guy....

Of course this little gal would love to help dig... she really loves her dirt!

Another result of the irrigation system is a water spigot at the green house...

And the pumpkin patch!  No more trudging along with a watering can to be refilled over and over...

The vegetable garden is all planted.  And I have time to weed it too!

Of course, after all of the rain that can't be said any longer...

And a little view I have out my dining room window...

Hopefully we'll be seeing some sun this weekend,

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  1. It's all so lovely! Oh...a spigot near the garden would be a dream come true! (This girl's still hauling watering cans or a very long hose.) The clematis is beautiful and the giant it! It looks like a terrific day on the farm...all is well! -Mary

  2. Beautiful flowers, photos. I love the Peony from the.1800's . . . Yhe white looks so crisp and pure . . .

  3. You have so much to do, it makes me seem pathetic to feel overwhelmed by my gardens! The irrigation idea is fantastic and although it's a lot of hard work, it will be wonderful. I am so glad your seedlings came up so healthy. And it's great that you are getting so much rain...we are pretty dry, but at least not hot.

    Looking forward to more updates!


  4. We are having lots of rain in England too. We went down to Devon camping last weekend and came back early because of the weather!

  5. Your garden is blooming so beautifully!! The clematis are stunning!! Wishing you a lovely weekend! xo Heather

  6. You are going to love Strawberry Vanilla Hydrangea! so colorful throughout the year! love it! Thanks so much for linking up over here at Fishtail Cottage's Garden Party! xoox, tracie

  7. I notice the corn in your picture is pretty high, ours around the Lancaster area is not quite so muchm but Its getting there. Richard

  8. What a beautiful place you have...everything looks wonderful!! I wish we could get some of your rain down here...I think we are done until the monsoons in August...until then I water...ugh! Have a great day!!

  9. Hi Chris! Your garden is beautiful. The rain and cool weather has been hard on our flowers and veggies too. What happend to that gorgeous weather we had back in April? Once it gets here it will be wonderful! I haven't been in blogland for awhile, so I need to catch up on your posts. The wedding is coming up soon, right? Have a great weekend!

  10. Hello, Chris
    I love all of your white blooms. The flowers in your header are also gorgeous; there is such a sense of abundance with a bouquet of lush, pink peonies!


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