Monday, August 2, 2010

Home Grown

I've been starting and growing my own white impatiens from seed for the last 3 years. Finding just white impatien seeds proved to be a challenge. I finally found them mail-order from here. After the first couple of years, through trial and error, I found that starting the seeds in mid-February works the best for me. The seeds are REALLY tiny and I use tweezers to plant them on top of a jiffy type pellet. It's important that the seed sits on top of the soil, it needs light to germinate. Then I keep them in my front porch (which is unheated but faces south) until the weather starts to warm up, then I tranfer them to my unheated greenhouse. Keeping them in my front porch is also way more convenient then going out to the greenhouse everyday to water/check on them.

After a few weeks in the greenhouse I plant them around the first of May up through Mother's Day since they can't take any frost. I'm happy with the results, but they sure grow slowly and need lots of water.

It's the beginning of August and they are really filling in nicely. I love how the all white of the flowers glow in the evening.

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