Saturday, August 28, 2010

What is it...

When I was younger, I think I was a "summer" person, now I seem to have become an "autumn" person... it is my season of the year.  I don't know what it is this year, but I'm really looking forward to fall... it seems to be a common theme since I've been seeing this a lot out there in "blogland."  I know we've all had our share of ups and downs... including the weather this year (too hot, too cold, too wet, etc).  Maybe we're all just ready for a change.

This year, especially, I am looking forward to everything that comes with fall.   I am eagerly waiting for the crisp sunny days, foggy mornings, cool nights, turning leaves...  making potato-leek soup with veggies from the dying garden... curling up with a good book and the fireplace... wearing sweaters...

I guess I have to say, I'm ready for a change... for the pace to slow down as the days get shorter.  To hunker down inside my little vintage house at Red Gate Farm.

Enjoy the weekend.

Chris at Red Gate Farm

PS Don't miss out on my first ever GIVEWAY.  My way of saying "Thanks" to all of you out there.


  1. I have asked myself this question many times, but I am a summer girl through and through!

  2. This is the benefit of living where we have changing seasons. I am always enthusiastically welcoming in each new season because I too, think I get ready for change. Each season holds its own unique beauty. Autumn is definately in the air.

    Thanks for sharing you sewing advice. Interesting, some of our similarities - we both have 3 dogs, a son and a husband at home. Very cool! Hope you enjoy the remainder of the weekend.


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