Tuesday, August 17, 2010


I went to a retreat for work last week.  One of the speakers spoke about the psychology of happiness.  I came away with these 3 things that she spoke about.

Gratitude for the past...

Zest for the present...

Hope for the future.


  1. Chris - what a great post! Sometimes these are lessons we forget. Your barn transformation is quite unbelievable! Did you guys do all that work yourselves? Great photos. ~Lisa~

  2. I can't take any credit for the barn... it's all been my husband with a lot of help from our son and my father. I few other projects, like the roof, required help from friends as well. Next summer we hope to paint it... that's where my contribution will come in. I plan to do a "barn post" with more detail sometime this fall. Stay tuned! Chris

  3. Will the barn party be this year or next year then?

  4. Hi Chris:

    The numbers on my stairs are metal and I purchased them from Lowe's - very inexpensively.

    Take Care - Lisa@SuburbanRetreat

  5. Hi-I just found your blog and think it's great.
    I have enjoyed reading forward and backwards through your posts. I will be checking back often. Please come visit me too.


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