Saturday, August 21, 2010

Today from the garden

Things are really picking up in the garden lately...

Transparent apple tree... garden in background.

French and purple green beans - bush type.

Beets, forget the name and yes, they are supposed to be striped!

Green "Envy" and pink "Cut and Come Again" Zinnias that I grow in my vegetable garden.

White dinner plate dahlias.

Roma and yellow pear tomatoes; lemon cucumbers (my favorite).

Our 5 year old peach tree... poor thing is still just a stick and is COVERED with peaches this year.  My husband had to not only brace one of the branches, he actually staked the tree too!

Fresh peaches from "stick tree".

Hope you're enjoying this late August Saturday.  Tomorrow is my last day of vacation, it's back to work for me on Monday.

Chris at Red Gate Farm


  1. Everything looks so yummy and fresh and your flowers are beautiful displayed in your milkglass. Your peach tree made me giggle!


  2. Lucky girl with all those home grown vegetables..I have to go to the farmers market...that is my goal for next year least have some beds for a garden...I have been thinking about buying the Farm Chick Christmas book...might get it this week..

  3. How I miss all the fresh produce! Did I tell you that we have a pear tree in the front yard?

  4. That is just too much farm goodness! My heart just can't take it. I don't even really care for beets but I sure want to grow and eat those now!

  5. Your zinnias are spectacular! I have never seen beets striped liked that, they really are so beautiful! I think your peach tree is showing you how grateful it is to be on your property by showering you with an abundance of peaches! Gorgeous.

  6. I just tried to become a follower of your blog but it wouldn't open it. It's probably just a google glitch. I will come back later and try again.
    I also meant to tell you that I really like the pillows you made in your last blog.
    See you later.

  7. I'd say it's a good year for you. Do you know the name of the beets? My husband has grown an heirloom variety that are so mellow tasting that even a non-beet lover like myself enjoys. I have a feeling that he'd like to give that striped variety a try. Your flowers are beautiful!



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