Monday, September 6, 2010

And the rain came

It has been raining all day here.  I have to admit, it's been kind of nice.  It gave me time to catch up on...

the laundry;

the vacuuming;

canning of 11 jars of tomato sauce, 6 jars of habenero gold jelly, 5 jars of peach butter and 12 jars of strawberry jam.

It also gave me time to...


and have my first cup of tea.

What do you look forward to on a rainy day?

Chris at Red Gate Farm

Don't forget, tomorrow is the final day of my GIVEAWAY.

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  1. Hello Chris!
    Thank you for becoming a follower of my blog, I'm sorry I haven't been to visit you sooner. I LOVE your blog! I moved to Kansas from British Columbia so I know that you live in a beautiful part of the world...I miss the cooler weather and this year we sure could have used some of that rain you're famous for up there. I was trying to think of what I like to do on a rainy day and I realized that we haven't seen a rainy day since the July long weekend! We did learn that it rained an inch and a half while we were up in BC last month though ;) I like to bake or just putter around the house changing things around or cleaning drawers etc. I'm really looking forward to cool rainy days but right now they seem a long way off. The weatherman lied to us...he told us we were going to get anywhere between 6-12 inches of rain from the remnant of the hurricane that was to pass over us but all we got was a wet mist that didn't even stop the dust from flying as we drove down our dirt road today! Oh well...eventually the rain will come. Have a wonderful Friday. Maura :)


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