Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Happy Birthday Mr. Red Gate Farm

Happy Birthday to the hardest working man there is...

my husband.

Happy Birthday!

(All pictures are of the barn renovation that turned into a barn rebuild after it collapsed in a November 2006 windstorm).


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MR. RED GATE FARM! I hope you have a fabulous day!!!! Wish you lived closer 'cause I would love you to build me a big, beautiful barn too! Enjoy your 'special' day and "Eat Cake".
    ~ Lisa@SuburbanRetreat ~

  2. There is no better tribute than to say your guy is "the hardest working man you know"...just something about it...actions always speak louder than words! Beautiful barn...P.S. I did reply to your message but just in e-mail Thanks looking forward to it!

  3. I hope he had a great day!! That barn sure looks like hard work. I'm afraid of heights so just seeing them on that ladder is making my stomach flip flop. What a beautiful barn!

  4. Hello Chris,
    What a big job re-building that barn must have been but what a beautiful barn it is! We lost our old barn to fire last month and we too were looking forward to restoring it. Now there's nothing left to restore. My dream is that one day we find an old barn someone doesn't want and have it moved to the farm. Unfortunately there aren't too many old barns that are in good enough shape to move. At least we have an old corn crib that we're hoping to restore one still has it's original red paint! Happy belated Birthday to your hubby...he sounds very much like my husband...hard working. I really like your blog and I'm going to become a follower as soon as I get this sent off. Have a great weekend and enjoy your cool weather. Maura :)


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