Monday, September 27, 2010

Mixed up living room in detail

You may all be tired of my living room... but I thought I'd go for this detailed post of my mixed up living room and then you won't have to see it again... well at least until I get the Christmas decorations out!  I've been a fan of Pottery Barn's mixed style of old and new for many years, but my furniture was my first large purchase from PB.  I like to check out their catalogs, just to see how they style some of the rooms.  I also picked up their books a couple or years ago at a garage sale, I think I got 4 of the set for $5 bucks total.

Of course, you already have heard about the couch and two chairs from PB, but I've acquired a few other PB things over the years.  My glass and bronze metal table lamp which I scored on clearance in the PB catalog right after moving to Red Gate Farm plus a shade from a big discount store.  I've also owned the PB swirly-iron-candle-holder-thingy for 7 or 8 years, I've yet to meet a man that appreciates this piece... they all think it's a piece of well, junk.  When I got it for my other house it started out as black iron, then I sprayed it a silvery tone and finally a bronze tone - love spray paint.  Some of the holder cups have candles but 3 of the cups are filled with bamboo plants, I think PB showed it like that in one of their catalogs, back in the day.  Other accessories from PB are:  a small light that looks like a candle (a Christmas gift); a shadow box, two bronze picture frames from eBay and my curtain rods/rings (PB was the only some what affordable, LONG, LONG rod available).

Other pieces purchased just for this room are my floor lamp and end table from a local home store, The Greenhouse.

Very pretty and practical is the gas stove in the corner, a must for when we loose power and still need heat, in a beautiful enameled brown finish - this house does not have a fireplace of any kind.

Repurposed items include the "wall console" made out of an old refrigerate/freezer/cold cabinet probably from an old general store - my husband cut in down the middle, lengthwise and sanded the heck out of it.  The "front" or "public" side of the cabinet was quartersawn oak, the "back" side was fir with big heavy freezer style doors.  The other half (the back) is in our barn as storage.

My coffee table which I painted using the same paint as the inside of the cabinet, then added some cool turquoise Anthropologie knobs, was a freebie from my daughter, who got it from my sister in law.  A very dated 80's oak shelving unit - ya know that golden oak so popular in the 80's and early 90's, was also painted and takes up the bare space in the corner.

Vintage items (most of old stuff is more vintage than antique) include an iron plant holder I use for white pottery or pumpkins or candles; a Darigold wooden box to hold tractor magazines and catalogs; a small desk, from an old family friend, for an end table; drop front quartersawn oak desk, my grandfather's smoking  or pipe stand, used as a plant stand; small stool from an estate sale, topped with velvet and a tray, then used as an end table; tinted black and white photos, mostly of our local mountains; cool wooden yardstick, that's over a yard long;  an art deco styled brochure about Bellingham from the 20's or 30's; and lots of miscellaneous pottery.

Most of the baskets I have came from IKEA (which I love, my husband does not).  Wool area rug and throws were from Costco.  Curtains and pillows made by yours truly.

Hope you enjoyed the beginning of your week,

Chris at Red Gate Farm


  1. Dear Chris: I can never tire of tours of your home. All your items have a great story and history and it's neat to know where everything came from and how it was acquired. I must admit, I have never purchased anything nor even been to a PB! I think there are a couple right in downtown Toronto - a place I try to avoid like the plague. I'm so not a Big City gal! I really like the feel of your livingroom - it's very farmhouse, casual chic! My space is a lot more girly and feminine and I know the males in my life wish it were more toned down. You've really achieved a great look - very current. Of course, probably my personal favourite pieces are the ones you've sewn. You are so talented! I still attend my classes - weekly - and am slowly acquiring more skills. Thanks for the indepth tour!
    P.S. - I LOVE that your hubby is the project guy! Mine usually has to be nagged into it!

  2. Your couches look so cozy and inviting. And I love your area rug. My hubby and I spent all of Saturday traveling around town searching for one, but our room is a weird size and we had no luck. Thanks for the tour.


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