Tuesday, September 14, 2010

A freebie from Craigslist

My kitchen sink was free, FREE, on Craigslist.  Last spring, before we got the idea for our butcher block countertops, my husband came across an ad for a free, vintage sink on Craigslist.  Originally I was looking for a sink for a gardening bench/sink idea.  When he called to tell me about the sink, with drainboards, I was thrilled.  When I got home and saw what great shape it was in, well we started talking about putting it in our kitchen... and unbelievably, it was a perfect fit.  We have an odd shaped countertop and a window over our sink so a lot of the drainboard style sinks didn't fit.. this one was really meant to be.

It took a few months before we got it installed.  Had to track down both an unusual drain and faucet.

It looks like it was always here.

Chris at Red Gate Farm


  1. Oh, what a wonderful sink. It has such purpose and functionality that is lacking in so many things these days.

    Read about you at Ain't for City Gals - she is sure happy about her new books!

  2. Perfect fit - it certainly was "meant to be". Don't you just love when things work out like that? And free to boot! Good job hubby who was looking out for your best interests. Mine has never been on Craigslist - a place where I visit daily - always searching for that special something - just like your sink! What a great find.

  3. I came here thru "Aint For City Gals" -- it feels like home so I think I will stay..... great blog -- I love to thrift shop, garage shop blah blah.... your sink is wonderful! Also the Santa and reindeer decor -- at Xmas I'll chk it out but I believe my mother in law has one - it is very old! See ya soon!

  4. I came over from "Ain't For City Gals," so glad I did! The sink is a blast from my past...the house I grew up in in Springfield Missouri was very similar! I do remember the odd faucet in the middle that was almost too high for me to reach. Can't wait to look over your blog...come visit me at Granny Mountain when you have time!

  5. Any friend of Ain't for City Gals! She said to come visit and I'm really glad I did. What a lovely blog you have here! So fresh.

    And Il ove when something fits like it's meant to be!

    Hooray for you.

  6. Oh my gosh, sooo meant to be!! Love, LOVE!


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