Monday, September 20, 2010

Meet my lady friends

We started with the easy chickens... the cement garden variety.

In April of 2009 these little ladies came to live in our garage, in a box, with a heat lamp.  They really liked the corner.

Now they live in the old chicken coop which sports this add on my husband built. 

If you think it looks sturdy, it is.  I think in an earthquake, tornado or hurricane, the chickens may be the safest.

They give us these, every day, farm fresh in shades of green, blue, brown and plain ole white.  Lucy, Ethel, Thelma, Louise and Daisy Duke are happy you stopped by.

Chris at Red Gate Farm


  1. First of all, I LOVE your header pictures! Seconly, we also have arucana chickens who lay green eggs (aren't they pretty!) And thirdly, what is that cool green container you have your eggs in? I think it's awesome!

  2. Love the new header photo(s)!

    Also, as much as I hate the chickens (due to creepiness), I miss the eggs I get from them...

  3. I concur ... LOVE your new header! The pumpkins are so perfect for the Autumn. We just attended our local fall fair and spent a lot of time checking out all the chickens. There are so many different varieties but I certainly didn't know they could lay anything other than white or brown eggs. That is very cool! I'm glad your husband built them a safe sanctuary for protection. There's nothing better than fresh eggs except when you can get them right out of your own backyard! Have a great day!

  4. lol..i am still in the cement variety type but the egg production is nil! There are so many things i want to have a chicken coop just like yours...put that on my birthday list for year 2011...already used up 2010....

  5. It's true - you have the cool-est stuff :) Look at those cement chickens and that way cool egg holder.. I'm jealous ;) Looks like your chickens have a perfect abode! -Tammy p.s. I'm in agreement with the others - love the header!!

  6. Oh my goodness... those chicks are sooo cute! They sure turned into some beautiful chickens... LOVE the names you chose for them (LOL)! How nice to have fresh eggs every day.
    Thanks for the welcome back... it's nice to be able to visit my blogger friends again. :)
    Have a great week!
    ~ Jo

  7. I have a cement chicken too!! I am dreaming about the real ones... trying to convince my husband that we need them!! Love those eggs!


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