Thursday, September 2, 2010

Farmall Red

In our state, Washington, graduating high school students are required to complete a Culminating Project.  Different school districts have different rules, policies and procedures.  For his project, my son decided to restore a Farmall M tractor.

This was the beginning of tractor mania at Red Gate Farm.  Since that first tractor 3 years ago, 7 (I think it's 7 - I should know this) more have come to reside at Red Gate Farm.  All, but one, are Farmalls.

As I write this; my son, my father and a family friend are on a roadtrip to Rollag, Minnesota to attend a tractor show - The 57th Annual show held every Labor Day Weekend by The Western Minnesota Steam Threshers Reunion .  It's nice to know that my 20 year old son and his grandfather share a hobby of restoring old tractors and enjoy spending time together pursuing their passion... even if Grampy is a Case man.

Chris at Red Gate Farm


  1. Tell your son your friend in Canda is very impressed with his tractor! Of course, I know NOTHING about tractors but I can certainly tell it's a beauty and has a very vintage look about it! (My hubby is very impressed too). I think his hobby is very interesting and it's so nice that son & Grandpa can share this together.

  2. That is wonderful! What a wonderful interest for your son and your father to share. I often wish we had (or would take) the time to fix up and paint our old Allis Chalmers tractors. They all still perform for us, but they just aren't that pretty anymore ;) Hubby would *love* to go to Rollag. We have some similar events near us, but nothing quite as grand as Rollag! -Tammy

  3. I actually just talked to him on the phone.... I has heard rumors that they were going, but didn't know any plans had been set...

  4. People can fix up anything..tractors, trailers , houses...why do people buy new I always wonder. Honestly, I had you pictured as a twenty year old yourself...not as the mother of a a twenty year old!

  5. Very cool project. Our 13 year old son is in 4-H and loves farms and tractors, and tractor pulls. His buddy and family collect IH and Farmalls. They drive to the States to pick up 'reds' for their huge collection, and attend the shows. We recently attended an 'all colours' tractor pull with them and had tons of fun. Great people.


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