Saturday, October 30, 2010

Date night?

It seems that a lot of you folks out here in blogland enjoy the occasional "date night" with your sweetie.

I guess we have one too.  Every Friday night we go out to dinner, usually burgers, sometimes pizza.  Last night it was burgers.  Then a stop at....

one of our regular spots.  Maybe you recognize it.

Enjoy the weekend,
Chris at Red Gate Farm


  1. OMGosh...this made me laugh out loud !!! That picture is the ultimate of our social life..!! so sad...A couple of years ago Home Depot was having a super sale on clearance items...we were not home...when we got home we had four phone calls on the recorder saying "HD is having this fanastic guys need to come and buy for the house..." I told Larry we need a "life" is what it is !

  2. Hi Chris ... personally, I cannot think of a better place to go on date night! I am a big box hardware store junkie and when hubs and I go, we must both have our cell phones turned on b/c we always lose one another once we're there! Happy Halloween! xox

  3. Ha. Sounds like the kind of date night Bill and I would have, too!

    Happy Halloween!


  4. The best date nights you can have--a little lighting, a little tool shopping, perhaps a leaf blower--it just doesn't get any better :)

  5. Funny how date nights change! Yup, this sounds way too familier. But isn't it great fun!?! I love it. Hopefully he was able to find a way to make the dining room light a little higher. That was such a funny post. I was laughing out loud.
    I can't believe all the walnuts you get from your tree. I agree, there is something so special about old trees. We need to treat them with dignity and honor. Great posts.


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