Wednesday, October 20, 2010

How do collections start?

Are you a collector? Of anything?

To me, it seems like collecting starts innocently enough.  You see a magazine article, a segment on TV, an item catches your eye at a store, a flea market.  Maybe you watch American Pickers or The Antique Roadshow.  Or maybe, just maybe it's a family heirloom or item of sentimental value.  Whatever the beginning, the idea, the desire grows.  You find your first piece and then you're off to the races, the hunt.  Searching thrift stores, antiques stores, Etsy, EBay.  You're hooked. Line. And. Sinker.

As a child, I collected stuffed animals.  Not sure where it started but I remember, every night lining them up and down my bed on each side of me.  I was afraid of the dark and more so of whatever might be lurking under my bed, just waiting for a foot or a hand to get too close to the edge.  My stuffed animal collection protected me.  Nothing could get past my trusty lions, dogs, cats, rabbits or babies.

I think nostalgia plays a large part in the start of a collection.  One of my first "adult" collections was, and still is, jadite.  Back in the day when Martha was only on PBS or her magazine was still just 10 issues a year, well she got me hooked on that lovely shade of green glass.  My first ever purchase on EBay was a large, bowl type measuring cup in jadite.  I think I was drawn to it because I had a white Fire King one that had been my grandmother's bowl.  It was the first item in my growing collection.

Nowadays, the things I'm on the hunt for is an ever growing list.  I especially like...

milk glass vases, found cheaply at thrift stores - vintage Gurley candles like my mom used to have

vintage party goods, cake decorations or wrapping paper

vintage holiday items, especially Christmas

old galvanized items for the garden

vintage/old silverplate

To name just a few.

So do you?  Do you collect?

Enjoying the halfway point of the week,
Chris at Red Gate Farm


  1. Hello Chris ~ I am happy that I've just passed the midway point of my week. I love hearing about your collections. I've never known someone to collect vintage party goods ~ they're very cool! I'm always looking at the vintage christmas decorations but cannot believe just how expesive they've become! Some pieces totally transport me back to my childhood! Gosh...I now collect so many things it's overwhelming to even ponder. Wishing you a fabulous day! xox

  2. Good morning Chris~ I started my collections at a young age too with stuffed animals lined up on the bed...just like you described! I've been lucky to inherit a lot of things from my Grandma too but the thing I have the largest collection of....DUST! Loved this post!!!

  3. My husband often reminds me it is not my job to rescue every pretty dish that was ever made...but I beg to differ!! Dishes and linens are my thing...I need to open a bed and breakfast !

  4. I collect milk glass but I don't like to pay over $5 so I don't have tons but I guess that is a good way to keep it from taking over the house!! I love your collections.

  5. You have some fun collections. I have a few green glass pieces, quilts, watches, tennis shoes, scarves...hats. I guess we just go with what we love huh! Thanks for stopping by earlier.

  6. These photos don't do these collections any justice. Your collections are quite large.

    As of now, though, I don't really collect anything... Although I do have quite the dress and shoe collection.

  7. My list of collections seem to grow almost daily. Your right, the hunt is almost as fun as the collecting! Some of the things I'm currently on the lookout for are hotel bells, silver trophies and vintage glitter houses.

  8. Oh my goodness...your collections look a lot like mine! I collect enamelware pots, pitchers, bowls, etc. I also find my inspiration from magazines too, and Martha. You gotta love and hate her at the same time! Loved seeing what you have!

  9. I love your collections. The jadite is beautiful but those little candles of people--what great memories those bring. My mom and mamaw used to have those in different things--pilgrims, carolers and such. I loved them. You are right about collections. I guess I am always on the look out for goose feather Christmas trees, vintage Christmas bulbs, vintage seeds :)

  10. Love all your collections! I'm always on the lookout for anything milk glass or anything I can plant flowers in (baskets,galvanized buckets)....I can never have enough!
    I love hearing that we read the same kinda books..most people I hear from in blogland read classics or inspirational stuff...NOT ME!!Thanks for the heads up on Linda Farenstein I haven't read anything by her but I'll check it out! I've read lots by Harlen Coben..I'm gonna start posting a book list once a month of what I've read...I'm always up for new authors or books so I'd love to hear more suggestions!

  11. Maybe the question to me should be, "What don't you collect?" I love galvanized anything, enamelware, rolling pins, graters, wooden bowls, scales, old school stuff, old sports stuff, crocks, coffee pots...and so much more!!! It's an obsession, changing frequently!!
    You've given me an idea for a post though!!!

    I got a mouse pad at the craft show too, and I wanted the bias tape, but didn't know what I'd do with it...can't wait to see what you come up with!!

    Have a great week!!

  12. Hopefully we wont see all of ourselves on "Hoarders" sometime in the future lol that being said...

    I collect diamonds...:D

    Seriously, I love ironstone ~ I love baskets, new ones like longaberger, old old ones like from maine ~ I love anything that sparks a deep emotion inside of me, so I am vulnerable in antique shops, furniture stores, TJ Maxx... i kid not lol so i def. agree on the feelings of nostalgia.

    On the different side of things I have a small collection of bear statues - not teddy bears, but black bears, grizzly bears, circus bears~ some bronze, some pottery, some carved wood etc.

    Collecting is fun ~ its like a treasure hunt!

  13. I was of the stuffed animal collector variety too. Except I seemed to be tho one protecting them from the witch under my bed. I was very dismayed with myself to find them on the floor in the morning.
    : )

    These days, anything vintage catches my eye, but I'm having a resurgence of my childhood and am especially on the look out for anything to do with Holly Hobbie!



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