Friday, October 29, 2010

The old sentinel

At Red Gate Farm,

we have the privilege of having a walnut tree. 

A tree that is 60 or more years old. 

One of those things that money can't buy, is irreplaceable. 

I find old trees fascinating,

silent sentinels, from another era.  

And....  it gives us plenty of these, to use and to share, even with the squirrels.

Enjoy the weekend,
Chris at Red Gate Farm


  1. How wonderful! I love big, old trees ... you are very lucky to have that one!



  2. I love old trees. One of the big reasons we wanted Verde Farm. You are so right, they can not be replaced and are priceless. It always hurts me when we lose one. Lucky you to have walnuts. We have black walnuts but I would much rather have the regular variety :)

  3. Beautiful, and yes, they are priceless!! We have an ancient oak on our farm. Been meaning to blog it, in fact ;) -Tammy

  4. Yes, the most beautiful thing is when a tree is able to grow wide and tall stretching out it's branches with room to breathe and stretching up to the heavens to glorify their maker! Awe inspiring - and I wish I had one too!

  5. If those big 'ole trees could talk (like the apple trees from the Wizard of Oz), oh what stories they could share! I love all of your photos!


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