Monday, January 24, 2011

Blogiversary and a giveaway

Yep, it's the one year anniversary of my foray into the blogging world..

Of course, this means it's time for a GIVEAWAY.  But this one, is going to be a little different 'cuz it's going to last all week!  So here are the "rules"...

Starting today, and each day until the drawing, I will be adding something NEW to the GIVEAWAY, so each day you get an additional opportunity to enter... by leaving a comment.  The final addition will be one week from today, Monday January 31st.  This means you have up to 8 times to enter!  The winner will be announced on Tuesday, February 1st.

And of course, my followers, well they get an automatic "extra" entry.... for a potential of nine entries.

So, to set the theme of this Giveaway.... well it's all about gardening.  When we moved to Red Gate Farm I knew I needed to keep track of what we were doing... I started a gardening journal (you can read about it here).  I find it a very helpful way to keep track of what works, what doesn't, what blooms, when it fruits, when to do what, etc.  I even draw little diagrams of my gardens, flower gardens and vegetable gardens.

I know when the hellebores blooms..

where the pink tulips are planted...

what kind of purple tulips I got from Costco...

when the apple trees are in blossom...

when the old lilac tree is breathtaking...

when the "mother's day" Rhododendron puts on her show...

what year the cherry tree was LOADED...

the year the Clematis FINALLY bloomed...

how vibrant the plums were...

how subtle the pears were...

when the last of the roses were still perfection...

and last, but certainly not least, how much I look forward to my sunflowers.

So, in keeping with the gardening spirit, the first item added to the GIVEAWAY is this little notebook from Target,

complete with filler paper, monthly dividers.  Ready and willing to become YOUR 2011 Gardening Journal.  So here's your opportunity to enter, leave a comment, and contact information if necessary.  Due to shipping of some planned items, this Giveaway is open to anyone in the US or Canada only.

Looking forward to getting my hands dirty in the gardens,
Chris at Red Gate Farm


  1. your photography is so
    I can't pick out one picture I like more than the other!!!!!!!!!!

  2. OKAY that rodo is is like a tree that you can sit under....

  3. Oh Chris, you gardens look amazing! Can't wait to see more. I love getting my hands dirty too. I also take notes and every year I say I'm going to start a proper journal. You've inspired me to start one for sure! congrats on your blogging anniversary. So glad I'm one of your followers!

  4. I am so excited!!! Your flowers--amazing. the plums--wow! I love to garden and I keep saying I am going to journal and I need to. count me in :)

  5. Every year I say I am going to keep a journal and then I forget but seeing the way you have used your photos it seems more like an artistic venture too.

    Your plums are beautiful and huge! Are they the Italian Prune?

  6. looks like I made my way over here just in time...yay. Beautiful photos...another WA blogger!

  7. Great giveaway...your photos are beautiful...
    Have a Blessed day

  8. HI Chris...all that beautiful fruit you grow...makes me want to do a road trip this summer!

  9. gm congrats on 1 yr with many more to come...ty for a wonderful giveway and so many chances...and thank you for pushing spring to get here!!!

  10. First of all, I'm totally jealous of all your FRUIT! I would love some fruit trees, but alas, my soil is too wet! But, anyway.....I would LOVE to win a little journal (from the Russell and Hazel line of course!) from Target. I would get my gardening blitz kicked into full gear!

    Thanks by the way!

  11. Wow, just as beautiful outside at Red Gate Farm as it is inside. I so need to do this, as we add more plants each year, I need to be able to stay organized.

    What a fun giveaway and happy anniversary!

  12. Your garden is so beautiful!!! So much variety, I am so inspired! Happy Anniversary to you, so glad that we have met!

  13. Your photos are awesome , Congrats to 1 year bloggin ! Have a good day !

  14. Hi Chris ~ Okay, gotta say, LOVE your giveaway and the excitement & suspense planned for each day! This is FUN! Happy 1 Year Blogging Anniversary! You know what they say ... "Time flies when you're having Fun"! Now, on to your garden pictures - BEAUTIFUL! You have such a gorgeous garden and so much room to continue to plan & plant to your hearts content! I will never tire looking at gorgeous garden photos nor hearing about what you've planted where and when and what your future plans are. Keep it coming! xox

  15. Happy blogaversary! I have enjoyed reading your blog. The photos are beautiful!

  16. Hi Chris!

    Congratulations!!! What amazing and beautiful things you grow!!! And what a great idea for keeping track of everything! Do you know the Bode's on Front Street??? She has a notebook with spreadsheets, color coded, when, where, how much, the warrenty, who the parents were...okay not that, but it's pretty amazing. Makes me tired!! But please enter me in your give-away...your system I can handle!!

    I have to apologize that your comment isn't posted on my blog. I was having my son check my email, had him post it, which he did, and then asked hime to delete it. I meant from my email, but he did it from the blog. I still have it on my email, but it won't let me publish again:( Sorry!!

    I've been racking my brain for 7 random things about myself and I've only come up with one...but I'll get to it!!! Thanks for chosing me!!
    I never heard if you wanted any of the vintage baby stuff. You're welcome to use it if you want to!

    have a great day!!

  17. Your pictures are so lovely, thanks for a touch of spring!
    Donna in WV

  18. Beautiful! I just discovered your blog through Lisa at Suburban Retreat. I'm your newest follower :-) Please sign me up for your giveaway!
    ¸.*´¸.**´¨) ¸.**´¨)
    (¸.*´ (¸.*´* Lori Lynn *

  19. You are one busy gardener! Gorgeous blooms and so much space to enjoy it all.

  20. Chris...I sit here with all my seed catalogs around me and dreaming of much snow already this winter. A gardening journal sounds like a grand idea. Happy blog anniversary ;)


  21. That sounds like a great idea! Thank you for a wonderful giveaway and for all these opportunities. You're a sweetie!

  22. you work for a seed company? Because I feel like I just looked through a gardening catalog...I like your perfect gardening world :D!

  23. Happy Blogiversary! I'm beginning to realize that you're a very serious gardener! I love hellebores, because of their insanely long bloom time. Have you ever grown corydalis lutea? It blooms for me from April 'til November. Crazy for a perennial! And thank you so much for the chance to win your giveaway. Here's to another great year of blogging, and I'm really looking forward to seeing how your garden grows this summer!

  24. Beautiful all of yur beautiful blooms that are on their way! xoox

  25. Just found your blog - your pictures are so beautiful, it was like a walk through a brightly colored garden. Thanks so much for sharing your home and heart with us!

  26. Oh Chris Sweetie...
    Congratulations on your anniversary. It is such a wonderful mile stone to get past.

    I loved walking through your gardens. Such beauty they have. You have the greenest thumb I have ever seen. I love your clematis. I have always wanted one, and this is the year I am going to give it a try. Your is beautiful.

    When we moved to Phoenix from Oklahoma over 26 years ago, I was so sad to leave my beautiful lilac bush behind. I planted it right outside my bedroom window so that I could smell the beautiful aroma when the winds blew in the Spring. It is such a beautiful fragrance. Yours is beautiful.

    Of all of the fruits, I love cherries best. I have a kitchen and dining room done in cherries, and your tree is SO beautiful. Loaded at that. I bet you had several quarts of those beauties canned for cobblers and pies to last all winter. They are beautiful.

    I am so tickled to be a part of this wonderful giveaway. I am crossing everything on this one. Oh what treasures you have in store for the winner.

    Many thanks sweetie. Country hugs and so much love, Sherry

  27. Beautiful...beautiful garden. That Rhododendron tree is amazing! I can't wait for my "Morning Glory" or Clematis to bloom. Let it be Spring...let it be Spring.

    Congrats on your anniversary and thanks for the chance to enter the giveaway!



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