Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Happy 21st, to my little boy

Yep, you heard it right.  If you've been following me recently, you may remember that just-

   *17 days ago we had Christmas
   *14 days ago our wedding anniversary
   *11 days ago New Years
   *3 days ago my other child's birthday
and now, today, my son's birthday too.  We sure know how to cram a lot of holidays and events into 17 days, hmmm?  That said, he was born 5 weeks early... so he really should have been a February baby.

He was very small...and orange.  At birth 6 lb. 1 oz. but at 2 weeks, just 5 lb. 6 oz.... he really just wanted to sleep.

His big sister loved him very much, at least in the beginning ;)   And in typical, second child fashion... there aren't as many pictures.  Plus this was back in the dark ages. Before digital cameras.

He has more pictures of him sleeping in restaurants than any other person I know. He didn't walk until he was 16 months old.  He was...a towhead,  a snuggler...

a hockey player,

a buddy,

a dog lover,

my boy,

hard worker,

yep, still sleeping anytime,

tractor lover, and PROUD tractor owner.

Taller than mom, shorter than dad...

Still has a love of tractors.

Still falls asleep on the couch or in a chair.

And won't be happy that he is once again, featured on my blog... sleeping or awake.
Happy birthday, Zachary Michael.

Love, Mom


  1. He is a very handsome boy...I mean man! Happy Birthday! How cool that he loves tractors!



  2. That is true; there are more pictures of him sleeping than anyone else. Even now, I think half of the pictures that I have of him are of him sleeping.

    Happy birthday, lil bro.

  3. Happy Birthday to your boy! They are such a joy to raise aren't they?! Mine was 31/2 weeks early and all he wanted to do was sleep too. He looked like a drunken little bobble head that wouldn't open his eyes!

    I guess you don't have much left to celebrate huh? : )

    Enjoy your day

  4. I laughed when I read the post title...WOW !! lots happening is a short time span! You should (and are) be proud of both of them...great kids!

  5. Awwww, he's so adorable ... then and now! HAPPY 21st BIRTHDAY ZACHARY! My youngest is 22 so he's wedged right between both of your children! Where do the years go? Have a great day!

  6. He has that sleeping on the couch thing down pat Way too early in life...I thought they didn't do that til at least their thirties.

    Do you work him that hard on that tractor?
    My boys would love to ride a tractor.

    When I rented a rototiller they were all...cool about it, pretending not to like it until later when they told me they wanted to til longer than they did...but I had sent it back already..men and machines!

  7. How sweet. The pictures are adorable! Really like your blog.

  8. My oldest son has had a thing for trucks since he was 16 months old. To this day (he is 22) he still is obsessed with them. Isn't it amazing to see the world through the eyes of these amazing kids.Happy 21st to your sleeping beauty.

  9. What a handsome young man - love the tractor photos!

  10. Happy birthday to your boy!
    Oh, and we have the same wedding anniversary, btw..

  11. What a fine young man, Chris! Aren't boys awesome? Especially boys who love tractors....a sure sign of good character!

  12. Sleeping in restaurants!!! Thats funny!
    He is really cute, I know you are proud...I have 3 boys!

  13. Boy, i bet the rest of the year is a downer after celebrating so many "holidays" in one shot :)

    He is a handsome and fine young man, esp. because he lets his mom put his "sleep" shots on the internet - kind of like a facebook" hit lol!

    but you gave him birth so us moms say its okay...teehee!

    Happy Birthday to your good guy!


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