Monday, January 3, 2011

Fresh start

This past weekend was cold and clear.

The stars were out at night and the sky was bright blue in the day.

I was ready to get Christmas put away and celebrate a bit of winter.

I moved a couple of things around in my kitchen,

so that I could put all my cheap inexpensive milk glass in one spot.

A little silver, a little sparkle..

A few snowmen and I was all set,

but oh how I wish Martha (Stewart) and Kmart would have made up...

Enjoying the calm after the holidays,
Chris at Red Gate Farm


  1. Love all of your special winter 'whites'.

  2. so inspiring, I really love it ^_^

  3. I like the idea of keeping some 'winter' around the house - a little sparkle and a little something special - rather than leaving Christmas behind all at once.

  4. It looks so pretty and wintry. I love the house after Christmas when things are simple and clean. It just seems so right for this time of year. Love the snomen and sparkle too :)

  5. I did not realize Martha left Kmart. We have not had Kmart in Canada for many years.

    I have seen Martha at Walmart, and Michaels.

    Your snowmen snow globes are really really darn cute.

    Why not celebrate will be with us awhile yet.

  6. Oh and your little white jelly cupboard is really adorable!

  7. Sending best wishes your way for 2011 xx

  8. I love all the milk glass together. Awesome for the winter!

  9. It does feel good to 'de-clutter' after Christmas, doesn't it?

  10. Love your milk glass collecton and the calm and quiet of winter. Plus, it just makes us appreciate spring all the more!

  11. I like to leave a few winter decorations out too. It's just too bare to put everything away!


  12. Love your milk glass it looks like mine!

  13. Very sweet winter touches. I love the milk glass and your jelly cupboard is wonderful.


  14. Very wintery! I love milk glass too, but don't have a stitch of it in my home. Go figure. I love yours, though!

  15. I love how you organized your collection; it reminds me of alabaster and marble in a way - classy!


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