Sunday, January 16, 2011

January - the grayest days of winter

Here in the Pacific Northwest we don't get a lot of snow in the winter, nor a lot of sunny, blue sky days.  We mostly just have a wet, gray, mild temperatures sort of period... from about November 1st until March 31st... sometimes longer.  That's were we are now folks, smack dab in the middle of gray.

So just when if feels like the gray days of winter will never end...

the vegetable garden is sleeping...

and the sun only comes out at the end of the day...

Well, there is a little hope sprouting on my table.  My newly forced paperwhites just waking up... to chase the gray away.

The beginning of another winter week,
Chris at Red Gate Farm


  1. I love being home in Washington again! I wouldn't trade our gray for all of the blue sky days in Arizona... btw, it was really cold in Arizona when we were there last week... and it rained a LOT! There is just no place like home! Besides, I'm starting seeds in the greenhouse this next week; I can just feel spring right around the corner!

    I think Red Gate Farm is beautiful even when surrounded by gray! ~smile~

  2. Thank you for showing something pretty and green, I am really getting down with the heavy rain and muck. I should pot up some bulbs too.

  3. That's a really pretty pic of your paperwhites; I like the angle. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Hi Chris!

    The snow keeps coming here. It has been a long winter, hasn't it?
    I love your paperwhites!!! So pretty... all fresh and green. It makes me hopeful that spring is on its way. Just not as soon as we would like it to be!;)

    Have a wonderful week!

  5. Wasn't today a grey one? It rained hard, drizzled, rained hard some more and then was just misty. Now the wind is blowing and the rain is hitting the house with gusto. Enjoy your pretty paperwhites!

  6. A perfect dose of 'sunshine'!


  7. Thanx for showing green a sign of spring ! We have tons of snow and its minus 14 below zero BRRR ! love your post and photos , Have a good day !

  8. I am so ready for Spring! I love the Paperwhites.

  9. Aren't they lovely! Our landscape is coloured 'white' right now ... lots and lots of snow in the past week or so. Happy Monday!

  10. We cleaned out our little side yard yesterday and cut down all the dead, it looks a little less depressing now. But I did notice the butter cups starting to come up and some of our lillies and hydrangeas are already starting to green up so the end is in sight!! And I love the paperwhites. They will be beautiful soon.
    Love the yard sticks in the last post, so creative.

  11. We have had some sunny days here, at least part of the day. Yesterday was 10C ...Today I stepped outside to see if I could see any crocus shoots. Not yet.

    Soon, friend soon.

  12. I just caught up on your posts. You sould go to French Buttons blog because she has the coolest pictures posted of Niagra Falls all frozen up!

    It is a couple of posts back so you might have to look a bit.

    Now if you were going to Quebec, THAT would be so day I would like to visit out far no luck. So enjoy yourself.

    I will be looking forward to getting an update about Sarah and Tommy. LOL.

  13. We have gray and white days here! Still snowing and only about 16 degrees! UGH!! I loved the shot of the sunset, very pretty!

  14. Did I tell you that Sten's mom told me that if you add a tbsp of some type of hard alcohol to growing paper whites, they'll grow straight up?

  15. Oh i cant wait to see when they bloom!

    It is amazing how you make your home and its treasures inside & out to be never-ending - like a huge mansion with many secret rooms!

    Thats why I like reading your blog; each time it feels like we're unwrapping a present or peeking into a new "room" :) Thank you for this!


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