Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Secret of Red Gate Farm

Well, I suppose it would actually be secrets of Red Gate Farm... 

Sharon over at Elizabeth & Co. has passed an award on to me.  Thanks Sharon!!

I'm supposed to tell you seven things, previously unknown to you, about me.

1.  Maybe this is one isn't so unknown.  I am and have been a HUGE reader since I was young, starting with Nancy Drew, Trixie Belden, The Island of the Blue Dophins and the list goes on.  When I was young, I'd read anything, even the back of the cereal box at breakfast.  I can remember walking around the house, while reading. 

My first love is mysteries and fast paced thrillers... not horror, although I have been known to read Dean Koontz and managed to get through a few Stephen Kings back in the day.  And it's not a secret that I am a Kindle convert... now I ALWAYS have a book in my bag.

2.  I don't like snow.  It snowed for my wedding and for at least half of my children's birthdays.  We don't get a lot of snow but it always seems to come when there are plans that then get cancelled.  Soooo, I only like to vacation in sunny, beachy places... I know it's not healthy but the sun shining down on me on a beach somewhere makes me HAPPY.  And yes, I am going to Toronto next month so I will probably be breaking the "I only vacation in sunny, beachy places" thing, but maybe they'll have a little warm spell.

3.  My two favorite movies of ALL times are North by Northwest and The MoonSpinners.  I think I like the fact that they are mysteries and take place in the 50's to 60's.  I love the era of people dressing up for dinner, wearing gloves and hats, matching shoes and handbags...

The first is an Alfred Hitchcock movie with Cary Grant and Eva Marie Saint... hence my desire to see Mt. Rushmore, although I'm pretty sure they've updated the cafeteria/viewing place by now.  I love that scene almost as much as the climbing on the actual faces scene.

The second is an old Disney movie with Haley Mills, it is a mystery (of course) that takes place on a Greek Isle... my dream vacation would be Greece (see #2).

4.  When I hear our National Anthem, it brings tears to my eyes.  Of course, I also cry at movies, while listening to a country song, when reading books and once cried in an episode of Hawaii 5-0... not the new version but the old one with Jack Lord... now that's just plain embarrassing.

5.  I am a grande, non-fat, latte from Starbucks girl.

6.  My real name is not Chris, but Ruth.  I think I was in elementary school before I found out that my name was actually Ruth Christine.  I hated my name for many years (i.e. high school)... being on the short side, I heard a lot of Baby Ruth in my time.  I was named after a great aunt... now my sisters had contemporary, well at least for the sixties, names and here I was, named after a great aunt?  Can you tell I was the 3rd of 3 girls?  I'm sure my parents were figuring it would be a boy this time.

7.  Growing up, my only goal was to go to college and be a lawyer.  When I was a junior in high school I met my husband at a fast food restaurant where we both worked.  Yep, my husband and I were high school sweethearts.  I was 16 and he was 17.  This April will mark the 30th anniversary of our first date.... and I don't regret that I'm not a lawyer.

Now aren't you glad you stopped by?
Chris at Red Gate Farm

Oops... but before I go... I'm supposed to pass this on to fellow bloggers, so I hope you accept this little award from goes...

Krysta at Dropped Stitch Knitter - my daughter who currently lives in Toronto, ON - enough said...

Andrea at Rural Revival - my very FIRST real follower, you got this little blog of the ground - A huge thanks to you Andrea!  Your writing is witty, touching and your pictures are beautiful.  One of the blogs I look forward to seeing a post from.

Lisa at Suburban Retreat - the nicest person in Canada, no North America... Lisa always leaves the most sincere and heartfelt comments.  Since we have a 3 hour time difference, I can get up almost every morning and read a message from Lisa, first thing... and they always make me smile.

Amy at Verde Farms - although we live on different sides of the U.S., I think we should have been sisters.  I love your farm, your animals, your house, your cottage.... ok, I'm embarrassing myself...

Shannan at Flower Patch Farmgirl - the second blog I started to follow AND the first person to leave me a comment, although I didn't notice it for an entire month! Sigh...

Holly at I wish I were a Walton - cuz she lives in my "neighborhood"... here in the Northwest part of Washington state.

Theresa at Meadowbrook Farm - because I love everything she takes pictures of, builds, grows, owns... and she has the most beautiful greenhouse I've every seen!!  Ok, I'm embarrassing myself again...

Jen at The Cottage Nest - the first blog I started to follow, as a "lurker"... and I love that fact that she and her family jumped into their dream and are making it a reality.

Annie at Firefly Hill Style - one of my never miss blogs... and I love that she signs out with and "x" and an "o"

Maura at Lilac Lane Cottage - because she's from the closest Canadian province to me, now lives in Kansas of all places and has a lilacs... oh, how I love lilacs.


  1. Congratulations on your award and lots of fun to find out all your secrets!

  2. Congratulations on your Award!
    That is so cool that you and your hubby were high school sweethearts..You are so nice, I enjoyed reading all of the kind things you have to say about your awardees, now I can hardly wait to go check out their blogs.

  3. Hi Chris,

    Thanks so much for the award! It is so nice to know more about you! I feel that we have a few things in common...I also always cry at the national anthem (and many other things too!). I own a copy of The Secret of Red Gate Farm that was my mother's when she was a girl. I came across it the other day and thought of you...



  4. It's great to find out more about you! Too funny about the name, Baby Ruth. Yes, I can see why that would get old pretty fast. Hope you have a great day!

  5. Good Morning Chris: Are you smiling yet??? Need I say more (lol). Don't worry, your secrets are safe with us! Hmmmmm, some very interesting tidbits you've shared today! When I was young, I was told by so many people that I should be a lawyer b/c I was so argumentative and aggresive with my convictions. I owned and read the entire Nancy Drew/Hardy Boys series but now never read fiction. I like the fact that you and hubby are highschool sweethearts; I'm a sucker for a good love story and I cry at practically everything sentimental. This has been a great post ~ I've thoroughly enjoyed it! Thanks for the award, I'll have to start working on it. Have a great day!

  6. Congrats on your award ! We live 2 hours west of Toronro ! Awesome post ! Have a wonderful day !

  7. Congrats Chris! It is so nice to hear a little bit about you! I am such a Starbucks, latte loving girl too and yup, at the beach is where I would like to be! Thank you for sharing, it is always nice to know a bit more of blogging buddies! :)

  8. So nice to learn more about my blog friends! My love of books started with Nancy Drew and cereal boxes too. I was actually reading a cereal box this morning! Thanks for sharing a little of your story with us!

  9. I love the Moonspinners and reading! In fact, I love Mary Stewart; I collect vintage editions of her books. And yes, I would love to go to Greece. The male twin picked Greece as his topic of study for Ancient Civilizations last year, and now we both want to go. : )

    Isn't it amazing how fast your blog can spread once that first person finds you? Trust me when I say, I am so glad I found your blog, the rest is all because of you!

    Hugs ~Andrea~

    PS. I agree, Lisa is the sweetest!

  10. How fun!!! Thanks for the blog love, Chris!
    Did we already know we have Trixie in common? Loved me some Trixie. Wanted to name our place Crabapple Farm because of Trix. Did you get Red Gate from Nancy?
    Your list is a great one. Very fun to read. And what's with the crying? I'm tearing up every five minutes these days! Maybe not during Hawaii 5-O, but at equally this shouldn't be making me cry moments. Glad I have company!
    p.s. Jen's was the first blog I found and I lurked there for years.
    p.p.s. Love, love, loved anything Haley Mills. I wanted to be her.

  11. You are too sweet Chris! I had no idea my blog was your first. That makes me wonder how you found it. Thanks for thinking of me with your award. I loved learning more about you. I'm always amazed when I hear about high school sweethearts. Also a little frightened when I look at my daughter's current boyfriend!

  12. Chris, you are so awesome!!! I am late this week as I have been slammed with work and catching up. Thank you so much for the award. Makes me happy :) I do know you are my sister from another mother and father. LOL Did you name the farm after the book? I love Nancy Drew and I’m a cryer--doesn’t take much to touch me and the next thing you know--tears everywhere. Loved getting to know you better today friend.
    Hugs, Amy -your long lost sister

  13. Stylish and innovative.. is there one called innovative?? I think you should have that too!


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