Saturday, January 8, 2011

Happy 23rd, to a pink loving girl....

It's my daughter's 23rd birthday today.  She is now the same age I was when she was born.

I thought that it's rather appropriate that today is Pink Saturday over at How Sweet the Sound since my girl is a lover of all things pink.... especially hot pink... fuchsia...

Like all little girls, her hat had pink stripes...

rosy, pink cheeks, with me...

at my brother's wedding in a little pink dress, made by yours truly, complete with hand smocking...

pink nose to match the pink jumpsuit

pink winter cheeks... look closely, there are cows on those sox, even at one we she was destined for Red Gate Farm...

a pink smile for her new brother...

tickled pink in the tub...

a pretty pink princess for Halloween...

pink Keds...

pink, sun kissed faces on vacation...

as my gift to her... we're skipping the awkward "tween" years... she'll thank me later... plus she wasn't feeling the pink during those years...

on grandma's pinkish sofa...

in the pink for a new puppy...

pink lip gloss and best friends...

visiting the University of Washington... with the pink cherry blossoms...

graduation day, from the University of Washington...

all grown up...

and happy with her guy...

wow... the years have gone fast...

Happy 23rd birthday, Krysta Brai.
Love, Mom

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  1. Happy Birthday to your Pink Girl!! She is a true beauty, and this is one of the sweetest b-day posts I've ever seen :) {Chris, Happy Day to you too!!} -Tammy

  2. Happy Birthday to your beautiful 'Pink' girl. Have a good one!

  3. What a lovely tribute to a beautiful girl. Seems like your 'pink' girl isn't afraid of that fish!
    Loved this post. You've done a wonderful job of raising her, it seems. Her smile says it all!

    Is she having a pink cake????

  4. A sweet birthday tribute to your beautiful daughter!


  5. What a great post!..I am glad she never grew out of her love for pink.

    Lovely seeing your long hair and her birth is is so nice!

  6. What a pretty post!....and Happy Birthday to your pretty-on-pink daughter.

  7. You raised a BEAUTIFUL girl dear blog friend. You can tell her sweet disposition beams from the inside out. Happy Birthday to her and good job mom to you.

    thanks for entering my giveaway and here is to an amazing 2011 for you.

  8. Happy Birthday to your pink girl! Today is my favorite sister in law's birthday too! Happy Pink Saturday!

  9. Awwww, thats sweet - the "thanks mom"! You raised a great Daughter :)

    And Happy Birthday to you, Pink Girl!

  10. How Sweet and happy birthday to your "little pink girl." Thanks so much for stopping by my PS post!

    Bella Rosa ANtiques

  11. Happy Pink Saturday Chris Sweetie...
    Such a beautiful share. I love your birthday tribute to Krysta. She is gorgeous and what a precious little blonde she was as a little girl. I love the first day photo of you with her. It makes me think of my own with my daughter as well.

    I so enjoyed my stroll with you today at Red Gate Farm. I can't wait to see what you share next with me. I am Country Wings in Phoenix, your newest follower. I hope you will pop by and say hello. I would love to have you follow me as well. I love meeting new friends and sharing our lives along the way.

    Have a gorgeous weekend. Country hugs, Sherry

  12. Hi Chris ... what a great tribute and Happy Birthday Krysta! Wow ... 23 today! Where do the years go? I've so enjoyed taking a stroll with you down memory lane and looking back at all the different stages of Krysta's life. Life's been good! I'm going to go pay her a blog visit and wish her a great bday!

  13. Happy Happy Happy birthday to a beautiful little girl that has grown up to be even more beautiful. Happy Pink Saturday, Char

  14. Happy Birthday to your beautiful daughter! I can tell how proud you are of her!
    Happy Pink Saturday,

  15. What a sweet post!!
    Happy Birthday to your "pink" girl!!!!!

  16. Happy Birthday to your lovely daughter, Chris! What a loving retrospective!

  17. Happy Birthday to your "little" girl all grown up. Happy Pink Saturday.

  18. What a lovely tribute to your daughter. Don't the years just fly by?


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