Thursday, January 6, 2011


At this time of year, when the days are at their shortest

and the nights long.

I dream, and daydream,

of the blue skies to come.

Of the cold, frosty mornings,

that turn into spring,

then summer.

I plan the gardens,

and order the seeds,

dreaming of how they'll become beautiful sights like these.

The days are getting longer my friends.
Chris at Red Gate Farm


  1. Ahhhh, wonderful post! Yes, it will be lovely!

  2. OH MY!!!!! If I was at your garden right now, at this moment, I would be pilfering those round hollyhock seeds left and right like a little chickadee and tucking them into my pockets, all of them lol! (i would probably ask first, but only after you open the door to see whose out there with a flashlight lol) THEY ARE GORGEOUS!

    And nice shots of the birch trees - they are soo pretty all year 'round :)

  3. They are indeed getting longer. I marked that this morning when I went out at 7 and it was light. Two weeks ago it was still dark at that time.
    I loved the peek at your garden journal!

  4. I loved the peek at your garden journal too. I have just ordered some catalogs last week and at this time of year sure do get itching to look at all of the offerings in them.

  5. How in the world did you get those Holly Hocks to look so healthy?

    Thinking of Gardens already? boy oh i in trouble then..

    I lived in Alberta where there is still snow in april may...your right spring is around the corner.

  6. Oh yes, once Christmas is over I immediately turn my mind to gardening. Only having a tiny property is such a challenge as we don't have a lot of space to plant my 'dream' garden. Love your photos! Enjoy your weekend.

  7. I was just thinking about this yesterday. When I left work the sun was still setting and I was thinking it is almost spring!! Wishful thinking! But it is never to early to dream about spring.

  8. Oh, my, I am so envious of your prolonged growing season and wonderfully fertile soil. You will be planting months before us. Anything we grow here comes with extreme challenges. Between the climate and the critters (not to mention the lack of soil), we are constantly tested. But it is never boring!

  9. I need me some spring! Trying to wait patiently... Thanks for sharing your lovely photos! I think I'll take a walk through last springs pics and remind myself of what's to come. :) ~~Rhonda

  10. Woweee!!! What are those beautiful pom-pom flowers?? I would love to attempt to have those in my garden, they're gorgeous. Thanks for the stroll through your yard, it was lovely.

  11. Ahhh... I can hardly wait. :) Thanks for the sneak peek, Chris.

    L.O.V.E. those hollyhocks!


  12. I've been thinking about the garden too! Your hollyhocks are sooo pretty. Do you order heirloom seeds?

  13. Debora,

    These hollyhocks are not heirloom (although I do have many of those too)... they are called "Peaches and Dreams" and are one of my favorite. They usually do well with "rust" but last year even these had troubles. They are huge and grow taller than our chicken coop gutters!

  14. Yes, yes they are. Slowly but surely the days are getting longer. Lovely post today!!

  15. We lived on 30 acres on the outskirts of Ferndale for a while... I loved it. Planning the garden, figuring out the perfect layout to maximize natural pest protection and still rotating all the crops sufficiently. Now that we're in a condo, I quite miss the garden I had there. I may look into a local community garden plot this year though...

  16. Oh this just makes me giddy inside. The gardens, seeds and visions of beautiful blooms--my favorite time of year :)


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