Sunday, January 30, 2011

Blogiversary Week, Day 7 - Time to Harvest

Once the summer days have peaked and the evenings come a little earlier.  You wander out to the garden, and there's a little of this ready to pick and a little more of that that is spilling into it's neighbor.  It's time to harvest all the seeds you have planted.

And I must tell you, nobody ever told me that cucumbers and zucchinis when just picked, well they stain your shirt.

Your t-shirt that you used to hold them in as you picked.

Then of course there's the juggling act while you try to pluck the red, ripe tomatoes or perhaps that one last artichoke before they turn into a thistle-like flower.

And what to do with the tiny little grape tomatoes that seem to explode on the plants by the day, filling your hands to overflowing.

Or how quickly your lab, who follows you throughout the garden will pluck the strawberries right out of your bowl as you collect them.

So, today I'm adding a little something made by yours truly...

A harvest apron, with a large pocket for holding garden tools or veggies fresh, from the garden.  And a little lace, a piece of a vintage hankie, because even in the garden, it's fun to be a little girly.

Ready for a new week,
Chris at Red Gate Farm

PS - Don't forget to check out Days 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 of the giveaway. And here are rules that I posted on day 1 - Monday, January 24th.

Starting today, and each day until the drawing, I will be adding something NEW to the GIVEAWAY, so each day you get an additional opportunity to enter... by leaving a comment. The final addition will be one week from today, Monday January 31st. This means you have up to 8 times to enter! The winner will be announced on Tuesday, February 1st.

And of course, my followers, well they get an automatic "extra" entry.... for a potential of nine entries.


  1. certainly have the green thumb! Those artichokes are divine, I didn't know we could grow them here! Have a great week..;j

  2. That is the prettiest harvest apron I've ever seen! And I laughted about your lab, because we had a black lab that ate the blackberries out of my bowl and then just picked them for himself.

  3. What a pretty apron.
    I've been offline for the past 10 days, so I'm perhaps a little late to say 'Happy Blogiversary'!

  4. My you have a lovely garden. I always wear an old apron to pick veggies from the yard.

  5. Oh how pretty! All of it! I'm so dreaming of spring!

  6. That apron is adorable. I love all your gifts. Good luck to everyone.

  7. Oooh your garden is wonderful and how cute that your little lab snatches the strawberries as quick as you pick them!... the little apron is adorable!... xoxo Julie Marie

  8. Love the apron! You should be selling them! And I have never seen an artichoke plant. Thanks for sharing!

  9. Day 7 already! That harvest apron is adorable! I SO hope I win this giveaway!
    ¸.*´¸.**´¨) ¸.**´¨)
    (¸.*´ (¸.*´* Lori Lynn *

  10. Good luck to everyone..but...I'm hoping! lol..this was fun Chris !

  11. My friend just told me that she wants an artichoke plant to grow this summer! Your apron is such a great idea, created out of necessity I'm sure, and whoever wins your giveaway is SO lucky!

  12. Hi Chris-I have been out of the loop for the last couple of weeks. Just stopping by to say Happy Blogiversery! I loved the story about your lab...they try to be so helpful!!!

  13. Holy smokes! That apron is way too nice to get dirty in the garden...I would have to wash all the harvest first before I would want to put it in it....A very nice offer...

  14. You are so smart to make something like that...and it's so cute! My lab follows me and eats the TOMATOES, not the strawberries. Isn't that wierd?!

  15. Oh, I agree with Sharon. You should be selling these aprons. Darling! I can't wait for Spring. Your garden is amazing! Are those lemon cucumbers? I love that variety because they are so mild and yummy on salads.

    Take care,
    ~Michelle :)

  16. I love wearing an apron while I work in the kitchen garden or my potting bench. My husband laughs at me, but I love it! Please enter me here too. Thanks once again!

  17. I am sitting this morning with my coffee and doing my blog tour and realized that somehow I MISSED this post. I cannot believe it. I LOVE aprons and this one is gorgeous and goes with the lovely burlap bag.

    Again, you've got such a lovely blog here and I am so inspired by your lovely gardens. I followed before the giveaway and although I am thrilled for the chance to win, I am following because of your content. Thanks for sharing your love of home and garden with the rest of us.

    Blessings to you!


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